213 Troop Week 3 & 4


1. Week 3 began with ensuring that our new accommodation was cleaned to the required standard. This was then followed by lectures on the principles of clothing and the utilisation of layers when in the field as well as how and when to use hearing protection. This was very interesting as after our introduction to the field on Ex EARLY NIGHT we very keen to know anyway of making our life that little bit warmer. The day concluded with a swim and Royal Marines Close Combat which is learning how to fight hand to hand.

2. The morning started very early franticly cleaning to get the accommodation ready for rounds. We then went into a RM history lecture learning about fascinating and courageous history of Corps. We then went back into the gym and our rope climbing abilities are slowly but surely improving.

3. After another early start cleaning. We moved to the parade ground practicing slow marching, which is a lot harder than it sounds, and saluting. This was then followed by yet more IMF in the gym, which ran straight into another RMCC session, where we learnt more techniques on how to escape when pinned down. That evening we practice laying out all of our field kit to ensure that we had it all ready for the exercise next week.

4. The day unfortunately didn’t start well as we failed the morning inspection with the DL. This meant that we had a reshow at the end of the day. The rest of the day was spent in rifle lessons where we learnt how to strip the weapon down into it component parts, how to clean it; the marksmanship principles which enable you to shoot effectively and normal safety procedures, this is the procedure for how you ensure that the weapon is safe when you first take control of it or if you are unsure as to weather there is ammunition in it or not. For our evening reshow of the accommodation 8 DL’s turned up and the accommodation resembled the path of a category 5 hurricane by the end.

5. After a late night sorting out the accommodation along with mastering the art of speed ironing. We were back in the in the presence of the DL’s on the parade ground with more slow marching, but also how to change direction while marching. The day finished with more rifle lessons.

6. Saturday morning was spent with more practice of drill and in the gym practicing rope climbs made more challenging with the addition of sprints. Leave was finally granted and the troop bomb bursted (run off in all directions) in to town or to our beds to recover so that we were ready for next week.


1. After a manic Sunday preparing the accommodation for a second DL team inspection Monday morning, we were very relieved that the DLs attention was drawn by another troop. The day then progressed with lectures on soft tissue injuries that we might face during training. As well as the opportunity to learn about the rehabilitation facilities available in Hunter Company, which is where we would go if we were to become injured to be fixed and then returned to mainstream training. This was very reassuring that the facilities are outstanding. We then had more weapon lessons and practice periods to prepare us for our weapon handling tests on Friday.
2. The morning was spent preparing for Ex FIRST STEP, our first proper field exercise. In the afternoon we had a number of lessons. Firstly on the difference between officers and other ranks ration packs, officers having a choice of vintage wines and fine cheese in theirs! We then also learnt the difference between tactical and non-tactical washing, one involving loud music and singing. The lessons although light hearted stressed the importance of hygiene in the field and it importance in ensuring that a unit is able to keep fighting. The final lessons of the day were on the roles and duties of a sentry, this is primarily to be the ones awake listening and watching to make sure that no one is sneaking up on the troop. Knowing the procedure also enabled us to then practice the routine that night.
3. The day started with a field kit muster so that the training team could ensure that we had correctly carried out all the elements of our morning routine that had been taught the day before. This involves cooking hot food, washing, shaving and ensuring that all your equipment is clean in the case of your mess tins and weapon and serviceable, in the case of dry kit and sleeping bag and that we have all the correct pocket contents. There were many in the troop who did not mange to get all this done in the time available, this then lead to them failing the muster and being placed on the ‘Flank’. This we were to soon learn is not somewhere you want to be, with those there engaging in some corrective PT. Once we had packed all of our kit away we then marched the four miles back to camp as a troop. Once back on camp we returned additional field stores and then began the mammoth task of de-servicing (Cleaning) all of our own kit ready for an inspection the next morning.

4. The morning inspection was mixed with our field kit being generally ok, however the accommodation was not to the required standard leading to further rounds later in the day. The main focus of the day was on more weapons training getting us ready for our weapon handling test the next day.

5. After a refresher session on our weapon drills in the morning. We then found our selves back on the parade square practicing slow marching and various other drill movements. We then dove straight into our weapons handling test, which the majority of the troop did well on and only a few having to be retested.

6. Saturday morning was filled with more IMF and Drill before we were allowed out on some leave. With a little bit of down time our minds started to turn to Ex QUICK COVER the following week and the weather forecast that looked less than favourable and of course families day at the weekend.


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