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Royal Marines Commando training is the longest and most arduous new entry infantry training programme in NATO– it delivers an advanced infantry amphibious commando.

Globe and LaurelCommando Training Wing is responsible for training recruits and it is our mission to train a man to a standard where he can take his place with confidence in a Royal Marines front line operational unit. Royal Marine Young Officers (YOs) are also trained here at CTCRM; this is the responsibility of Command Wing. These training diaries are written by the recruits and YOs themselves. The aim is to provide family and friends, of those undergoing this training, with an update on their progress. It also provides a snap shot of Royal Marine Commando training to all those with in interest in the Corps.

To view a diary  – place cursor on ‘Commando Diaries’, then click the troop number.


The old adage ‘once a marine, always a marine’ remains as true today as it has always been; it is a very special club which only shared experience can buy you in to.