232 Troop Week 5 – 7

232 Troop

Week 5


Monday: Today we conducted Ex QUICK COVER on Woodbury Common. However before that, we set out and conducted a 4 mile booted run, whilst carrying out various other exercises. Later that day we set out, arrived at camp and then had lectures based on camouflage and concealment amongst other lessons. Straight after we set up for harbour, and after carried out other routines.

Tuesday: Throughout today we had a lot more lectures mainly on how to survive in the field whilst learning lots of other interesting skills and techniques. Giving us a glance into much greater things. Later that evening, we re-conducted our harbour routines.

Wednesday: This morning, kit muster went very well, with a much higher pass rate. As a Troop we are improving immensely and this is shown throughout our field performance. During the afternoon we ran a CQB lane firing blank rounds, which is only a small glimpse of more to come.

Thursday: We started the day with a thorough kit inspection, to verify that all kit had been deserviced properly from leaving the field. Over the course of the day we had lectures and IMF.

Friday: Today was family’s day, everyone was in high spirits to see their families, and to show them what we had learned since joining. This consisted of drill and IMF. On completion of all of this, we were allowed a long weekend finishing the week. 

Week 6

Monday-  The troop started the week of with drill touching on some of the king’s squad style drill at the end of the session such as forming a crucifix and a star. We then conducted a run in boots on the roads outside of camp that included fireman’s carry’s, squats and mountain climbers and many more enjoyable exercises. Following that we had map reading lessons with the troop commander in preparation for the navigation exercise on Woodbury. Then to finish of the day we had IMF to further prepare for gym pass out in week 9.

Tuesday-the troop started the day with RMCC where we learned chokes and locks, striking and combinations of the two. Chokes and holds such as the alner, failed alner, rear naked, goose neck and chasing the sea. Strikes such as straight rear punch, front punch, rear elbow and front elbow. First aid we learned CABC (breathing) and learned to check a casualty’s airway and the priority of it.

Wednesday- The time had come around for the OC to have his first proper look at the troop during a set of rounds. All in all the OC said it wasn’t a bad turnout at all so we were glad to find out we had made a good impression and passed the inspection. On completion we headed for the local roads again for another booted run however the PTI was a no show so we conducted phys on the top field such as forest gumpers (fireman’s carry shuttles) with the troop commander getting involved in the session as well. Later that day the troop paraded again on the drill square this time for the troop commanders inspection, this was our first time on parade with our white belts and rifles. After the inspection the troop had its first taste at conducting arms drill such as changing arms, sloping arms and trailing arms.

Thursday- today the Troop spent the day learning about survival, mainly with the mountain leaders but started the day with our troop commander who put a video on about survival, the mod video did not work. The Troop commander then concluded the lecture using his own knowledge of the subject; Survive Evade Resist Extract where we learned S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. which gave us a basic introduction to what the ML’s would be teaching us. Then we got on a coach to Woodbury common to meet the ML’s for the day inevitably we started the day with phys getting to our next destination. Once we started the lectures for the day which concluded Priority of survival, Survival Kit, shelters, sourcing water, food consumption and survival navigation. Morale was left on a high after we were told “we were an attentive troop” which meant no extra physical distress would be issued from the mountain leader cpl’s.

Friday- The day began early in the gym with the troop conducting the RMFA this includes press ups, sit ups and pull ups and other fun past times such as the bleep test. This is to determine how the Troop’s individual fitness has improved since the start of training. After this the Troop moved to Woodbury common for a day’s navigation training, it started off with a static map stance this involves completing navigation related tasks within a time limit such as conducting resections. After the map stance, the troop moved on to an individual navigation exercise of Woodbury, this was the first time for a lot of the troop to have the opportunity to navigate by themselves without any help from the training team. There were several different routes however most running from one side of Woodbury to the other to reach a checkpoint only to discover upon finding said checkpoint your next one was pretty much back the way you had just come running. All in all it was an enjoyable day and the troop performed well all round despite Rct Marshall’s self-inflicted oginising.

Week 7


The 28th of November  2016 saw week 7 for 232 troop prepare for the daunting  Ex MARSHALL STAR, as Monday broke for us we kicked the cold chilly morning off with a circuit in the gym from our PTI Cpl Corrner.  The 45 minute session included a circuit of ropes with press ups and sprints in between .  It was 13 rope climbs in total with 2 men at a rope, one partner conducting a rope climb and the other blasting out an easy 20 press ups then after 5 had been completed we moved onto some sprints in between as which got a bit more spicy . Leaving the gym feeling good we then had a lecture on night vision before our detail on deploying for the upcoming Ex. we were to head back and start the load up of the trucks with our Bergans and all equipment including our training teams items . The moral was high even with all the dreaded chat from previous troops before us on what to expect during the Exercise!  Cracking on, we had been in the field a few hours, the team tents were built and we were preparing to get into our harbour positions in the darkness. By the time our harbour and our ponchos were up it was dark, initially it proved a bit more difficult but eventually  your eyes adjusted to the gloom and it became slightly easier . Overnight the temperature dropped several degrees and the men were feeling it on their sentry positions but being aspiring Royal Marines we cracked on without failure.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday saw the troop conduct a few hasty moves at short notice in the middle of the night some of the team found it more difficult than others but like everything else it will come together . The 3 days saw us have lectures on fire control orders, target indication , cqb,  map reading , day and night navigation and stalking . All were incredibly beneficial to the troop and thoroughly enjoyed the night navigation in teams of 2 around Woodbury Common and the close quarter battle lanes . Last but not least, the Thursday saw the troop march back to camp with around 30 pounds of kit on and as always we  arrived back with our heads held high in step to the sound of our Troop Commander . Our experience of Ex MARSHALL STAR was more than interesting and vastly different from what other troops had piped on about , morale was still high for the de servicing of our kit . 

Friday morning arrived with some stiff joints.  Nevertheless, we cracked on with a session of Royal Marine close combat , a swim, then an imf session to finish the Friday off.




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