232 Troop Week 4

232 Troop Weekly Diary

Week 4


Troop 232 started off the week by prepping our kit for the field, getting the last few bits of kit we needed and ensuring it was all packed correctly on the Monday.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a morning on camp, we deployed to Woodbury Common to conduct exercise FIRST STEP.

Upon arrival we unpacked the lorry with our kit on it and proceeded to work as a team, setting up the team tents.  Once we finished that we settle in for some lectures on how to erect a shelter in the field, how to administer yourself in the field, how to prepare your food in the field.  This was followed by an introductory lecture into ‘setting up’ and ‘duties of’ a sentry.

After a good start to the exercise we had our evening disturbed because even with the demonstrations, people had failed to administer themselves and conduct themselves in the correct manner.  However with that night set aside we finished the exercise well, with the 4 mile march back to camp completed as a unit.

For the rest of the week we were given pickup points on our performance in the field, and areas to improve. We started to conduct more weapons training in preparation for our weapons handling test on Friday, which we all needed to pass in order to continue onto the next exercise where weapons would be used.

Additionally, we learnt two new team games for the gym and were brought in for extra practice in a more relaxed manner after the working day had finished, which I think was helpful for the Troop to be able to practice at a slower pace and take in the information more readily.


To bring the week to an end, we headed off to our weekend with a small list of kit to aid us in the field on exercise QUICK COVER.



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