232 Troop Week 11

232 Troop Weekly Diary

Week 11


This week has been spent on the Ranges at Straight Point near Exmouth. The Range is on the other side of a caravan holiday park. The weather most of the week was very windy, wet and cold which meant that we all had to adjust for wind at different levels so we could still hit the target. 

The range package has all been fired on at ETR, an Electronic Target Range, with the Troop Corporals and the Combat marksmanship training team there to coach. The system being used allows for us to see where are shots are landing on the target and makes the process of zeroing and improving our positions.  Additionally, we are coached to perfect our shot cycles so we were shooting accurately in all positions up to a distance of 300m.

The mornings mostly start with PT where we have been mainly focusing on leg endurance so that we are ready to go down to bottom field.  Largely we have been doing hill sprint circuits, squats lunges and other core and lower body exercises. The food is mostly okay, we have hot meals brought from CTCRM twice a day and have 12 hour rations for lunch.

We are sleeping indoors at a troop shelter near the firing point in one large room which has been good for troop cohesion as we have not all been together like that since foundation. By the end of the week the majority of the troop had completed all the shoots as we were supposed to. We were required to learn how to accurately engage targets from all positions, whether prone, standing, kneeling – even squatting or sitting – out to a range of 300m. The different positions changed how we held our weapons and in turn this altered where we needed to aim on the target to effectively engage to hit the target all the time. We continue shooting next week, using night vision systems CQB shoots and bayonets and culminating in a trip to France next weekend.



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