229 Troop Week 9


  1. The start to a new, week 9 and our second week on camp after our last exercise, Ex MARSHAL STAR.  Lads seem to be settling down to a routine and dare I say, it is almost like a normal Job!  However with all our apprehensions rising towards our next exercise, but firstly our gym pass out this week.
  1.       Drill was first, with fresh crisp ironed uniforms all squared away after having a Sunday with ‘no detail’ to get them prepped.  With a new addition of white belt and bayonet scabbard as we have now started arms drill, drill with our Weapons.  Although the new belt looked a lot better it was another thing to get picked up for and potentially ‘flanked’.  Which unfortunately 75% of the Troop did, resulting in the whole Troop having to re-parade that night.
  1.         Next was a re-test of the BFT (basic fitness test) but this time in our boots.  Lads were keen to see if they would get faster times than previous, even in boots, with most being pleased with their results.
  1.         Tuesday randomly started with a kit muster in our bed space, something we thought we only did in the field now but another reminder life in the Royal Marines would always keep us on our toes.  Then a tough IMF session preparing us for the requirements of gym pass out. We then had a map reading assessment, something most lads were worried about. Because the pace of the learning moves so fast but actually faced with a test the lads realised they were grasping it just fine.
  1.       Wednesday’s main objective was to pass our First Aid assessment.  It was daunting because it was a practical test; acting out a scenario to show we knew what procedure to follow if faced with the specific injury in real life.  Fortunately everyone passed first time. After this was a functional skills lesson and IMF, with everyone more relaxed after passing their First Aid test.
  1.       The main part of Thursday was going to ‘Straight Point’, a new destination for the Troop.  We were introduced to a new weapon system, the LSW, so enthusiasm and moral was high which was good heading in to Friday for our gym pass out!  Also at StraightPoint we fired on the DCCT Range, getting us more used to our different firing positions.
  1.      Everyone awoke Friday morning at the common reveille of 5am anxious and eager to get gym pass out done and dusted but not before making our beds, cleaning the accommodation and grabbing some breakfast.  We were upbeat because we’d been told we could achieve a distinguished pass, something which hadn’t happened for while.  So we entered the gym ready to ‘dig out ‘ and try our best, fortunately everything went smoothly and the whole troop passed out of the gym meaning we can all move on to the notorious bottom field with ‘man phys’.  Another hurdle cleared.  



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