226 Troop Week 28

226 Troop Diary


The second week of live field firing began with a run through of the tarzan assault course, in which we decided it would be a good idea to make a deal with the PTI, in which if we all passed the PTI would get in the tank, however if anyone of us at all failed we would owe him 4 separate occasions that he would at his will, be able to put us all in the tank.


We started with the admin, ensuring that we had loaded all stores, kit and ammunition onto the 2 SV’s to carry down to the camp, this week however we were at a different part of Dartmoor, Willsworthy camp.

Upon arrival of the camp, we unloaded all the stores and started to get everything packed into place to set us up for the coming week. Once all the stores had been sorted, we proceed with a tour of the accommodation, getting to know where we were going to be staying for the week.

Once we settled in, we got our kit ready and good to go in all respects in preparation of heading out onto the ranges. We set off and within 500m we were where we needed to be to carry out the start of our section attacks. 1 Section led, setting off on their section attack first, followed by 2 Section shortly after 1 Section had finished. As 2 Section finished it was time to close down and finish for the day, heading back into the camp and ensuring we still had all our kit, we got back, showered, changed and got ready to eat.


Day 2 saw us heading out in the morning, upon arrival of the ranges we set up our troop shelter (a 12 x 12 tent) and the ammunition shelter, unloaded all the wagons, stores and ammunition, ready to start firing again, however the weather conditions did not permit us to fire right away. It wasn’t until late afternoon that we were able to start getting into the shooting. However once given the green light we were a go. This also then led into our first night shoot of the week, with a ‘white light’ night shoot, section attacks at night, showing that it can be done in the night as it is in the day.


On the Wednesday we had a map reading revision session in the morning, to go over any issues anybody may have had. We then left the camp later in the morning to head to the ranges in which we then had a troop attack for the afternoon, this consisted of a few continuous attacks before doing casualty evacuation drills. We then did a troop attack at night, this is also very similar to the day attack, just slowed down to maintain effectiveness in the dark. Getting back to camp that night, we were then told that we would be doing a navigation exercise the next in order to prep us for final ex, we got given our grid refences and had to plan a route that we would take for out checkpoint.


Thursday morning came around quickly, we left early to start our navigation exercise, by 08:30 we had arrived at the start point, we split down into our 2 sections and off we went both sections heading in different directions. Being part of 2 Section I set off with my section, we started off well but encountered a slight problem half way through which was quickly resolved and back on we went. We continued navigating our way until we reached the ranges we were using. Once there we set up for the days shooting.

It started with a march and shoot, which is a speed march into a section attack alongside this we had a casualty evacuation also, to maintain the competitive nature we had to compete against the other section in a time trial, regrettably 1 Section won, due to time penalties that 2 Section suffered. Later in the afternoon we carried out a further couple of section attacks before 2 Section carried out a night shoot, whilst 2 section were doing this, 1 Section had begun with the admin side of things, collapsing the tents, and starting the brass sweep in order to leave the next day. Thursday night entailed weapons cleaning right through till early hours of the morning.


Friday was the day we came back to Lympstone after completely clearing up the ranges we had been using and packing away all the stores we returned. Upon returning we unloaded all stores and got all administration sorted again. We had a few lectures in the afternoon about being in the Commando Phase and what each unit has to offer for when we ‘pass out’. After the lectures had been completed it was back to cleaning weapons ensuring that they are immaculate ready to go back into the armoury.


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