229 Troop Week 1 and 2


  1. The time had come, 229 Troop’s men travelling from far and wide to commence the famous 32 weeks of arduous Royal Marines Commando training.  Nerves were very high, and stepping from the train onto the platform, met by a DL didn’t make matters any better.  After a thorough check over from the DL to see whether the men had dressed and shaved correctly, we were then marched to the Foundation accommodation where we would spend our first two weeks of training.
  2. 0500 wake up soon came around, showers, food, personal administration (admin) and stood to attention, ready at 0700 was a shock for many of the lads in 229 Troop.  This is called the “shock of capture”.  RMFA (Royal Marines Fitness Assessment), swimming assessments and basic marching drills were the first introduction to the life in the royal marines but also gave the recruits a chance to prove they had trained hard enough from their PRMC.  Many of us beating our previous RMFA scores.  As well as trying to perform physically to a very high standard, the discipline required in the gymnasium was something the Troop wasn’t really ready for, either dead still or 100mph!

    3. Kit issue was next on the cards for the men.  0800 stood in 3 ranks outside the stores awaiting our next detail regarding our new kit issue.  We were then marched into the stores only to be given a huge bag full of kit, knowing that in a few hours time it would have to be ironed and folded away in our lockers.

  3. Getting to grips with such precise timings has been quite a challenge for the troop, always five minutes early and never late.  With lots to do and very little time to do it, the men were having very little sleep.  Going to bed at around 0245 and getting up around 0500 soon took its toll on the men.  The nickname for Rcts is “Nods” did not need to be explained.
  4. 229 Troop are getting on well together, very early days yet but everyone is very excited for the start of next week.  Soon to be split into different sections the men are going to get to know each other very well.


  1. The second week saw 229 Troop start to get to grips with military life, adapting to little sleep and quick meal times.  The pressure of time keeping and team work was evident as the Troop hurried around camp trying to get to grips with the intense schedule.

    2. On Tuesday night the troops experienced their first taste of life in the field receiving lessons in sentry patrols, wet and dry routines and how to set up a bivi (2 man shelters) promptly.  Along with this came some phys, making up for the Troops below par performance in the week.

    3.    Later in the week the Troop got their first lessons in weapon training on the SA80 A2 personal assault rifle,  RMCC ( Royal Marines Close Combat) and rope climbing.  The Troop enjoyed this new aspect of training and it seemed to lift moral.

  2. Overall the troop continued to improve, building on skills from week 1, becoming more of a team and getting to grips with little sleep.  229 Troop is looking forward to week 3.



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