219 Troop Week 24 & 25


  1. 1. Week 24 is a week on camp that is the beginning of our preparation for the Commando Phase. It mainly consisted of acquaints which, although nothing in comparison to the real thing, proved fairly arduous, but we didn’t sign up to have an easy ride.
  1. On the Monday we started things off with a six mile run so we could get to grips with the route we would be doing in two weeks.  A Six Mile Speed March which, if completed, earns us our cap comforters and symbolises our entrance into the Commando Phase.
  1. On Tuesday we ran the Endurance Course for the first time, it consists of a running route up and down some very steep hills on Woodbury Common and through watery tunnels. The Course is then followed by a small (4 mile) run back to camp. This was to ensure we knew the route in preparation for our run through.
  1. Wednesday consisted of a technique session on the Tarzan assault case carrying our webbing and rifle, followed by an afternoon of very interesting lectures from the Troop Commander.
  1. On Thursday we received a full day of training on the LMG

6. Finally the Friday was a criteria physical assessment, the 12 mile Load carry.  Exactly what it says on the tin.  We carried a weight of 69lbs and our weapons over a 12 mile route along roads and tracks. Although it was hard work, the whole Troop passed.


  1. 1. Week 25 is a week at HMS Raleigh consisting of a sea survival, Fire Fighting and a day’s worth of amphibious drills with various different landing crafts.
  1. Day1, Monday the troop was split into two groups (due to the size of the classrooms and the ease of learning the skills), one group was doing sea survival and the other was doing ship firefighting Monday was fairly basic we were in the classroom for the most part of the morning and then in to the swimming pool for the afternoon to put into practice what we had learnt in the morning.
  1. Tuesday was similar in that the group’s swapped and done the other task for us in group 1 it was off to the fire school to learn a basic understanding of how to handle a fire on board a ship that we could potentially be on in the future, I found this part very interesting.  Similar to the Monday theory in the morning and then the practical in the afternoon fire fighting in a manmade fire rig that enables us to tackle real flame and experience what it would be like In the event of a fire.
  1. Wednesday was the (Light Machine Gun) LMG Shoot at the twenty metre range at Raleigh this was a good chance for us all too actually feel the power and rapid fire of the gun with live rounds.  Then in the afternoon we were taught by the corporals how to use the Anti-tank missiles and the NLAW this was also very interesting.
  1. Thursday was the Aphib drills day down at Jupiter’s point, not far from Raleigh.  During this we mainly capsize drills and then various beach assaults with the three crafts we use, In the evening the aphib drills were redone as we clearly have to be able to do them in the dark and during the day.
  1. Friday we had a treat for the whole troop and a chance to relax in preparation for the final Exercise of training.  We went to China Fleet Club and Spa in Plymouth this is a country club that offers a discount for Naval Personnell.
  1. Overall this week was in my opinion one of the best weeks in training by fair due to the varied training and the free time we had in the evenings I used this to crack extra phys.



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