224 Troop Week 11


Monday – The first thing we did as a troop was to gather our kit and equipment, load it into the truck ready for transit to Straightpoint Ranges. On arrival we squared away our kit ready for 6 hours of shooting on the ETR Range, where we practiced prone, kneeling sitting and standing positions at 100 metres. In the early evening we practiced getting into these positions and finding our ‘natural alignment’.

Tuesday – We awoke at 0600 hours in readiness for PT at 0730 hours. This involved hill sprints, fireman carries, press ups and plenty of pull ups. After breakfast we moved back to the range, where we practiced the same positions as Monday but added extra range up to 200 metres. In the evening we practiced the ‘standing supported’ and ‘kneeling’ in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (in layman’s terms it’s a realistic computerised range).

Wednesday – As a troop we conducted another 45 minute PT session, followed by breakfast and preparation for another full day on the range. Before shooting we had a briefing about the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test, which was our test confirmation on Friday. We then recapped the last two days and were introduced to a range of 300 metres while firing in the ‘prone’ position.

Thursday – Another morning of PT, with an increasing intensity and duration to boot. As a troop we all took part in a mock ACMT, where we brushed up on all positions and concentrated on the positions we struggled with. At around 1800 hours the team gave a brief for a night shoot we would be conducting at 2200 hours. This consisted of how to safely get onto the range as an organised detail, and then fire from prone, sitting and kneeling positions at 100 metres.

Friday – The normal round of PT involved a more cardio-vascular workout. After breakfast we went onto the range and conducted a practice to find our Point Of Aim (POA) at 100, 200 and 300 metres. The weather was ideal for the test, as it had been all week; sunny with a steady wind. The ACMT then commenced and involved use of all positions at increasing ranges, culminating in 300 metres range from the prone position. Once it was complete we all packed kit ready for transit back to CTCRM. On return we cleaned rifles and de-serviced our kit ready for a return to Straighpoint on the following Monday.


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