224 Troop Week 6


 Week 6 was set to be a good week back after our first long weekend, with plenty of lectures and new material to take on board. Monday began with a tough gym session consisting of 12 rope climbs, a way of pushing us physically and to confirm our mastering of the correct technique. The remainder of the day consisted of lectures to introduce us to first aid and was an enjoyable start to the week.

As a lack of sleep caught up with us again, Tuesday began with another challenging and fast-paced gym session. However, it was soon over and the remainder of the day was our introduction to map reading, which is a skill we all knew that we would need to perfect throughout training.

Wednesday morning was our first run as a troop and we set off at an extremely fast pace under the direction of the PTI. The majority were grateful for the relaxing period in the church that followed and offered us a chance to recharge. After this we learned to ‘zero’ our weapons in readiness for our first go at live firing the following day. Wednesday ended with another map reading lesson to build on our teachings from the previous day.

Thursday was our first experience of live firing. We were very lucky to go to Straightpoint Ranges before Week 11 and had the opportunity to use the virtual firing range before the live shoot, leading to some very respectable groupings for our first attempt. The day was very fast moving and intense but also very enjoyable. The day ended with an evening of unavoidable weapon cleaning.

Friday began with our hardest gym session by far, where we went through every routine twice, including ropes, beam routine and camp circuits. The troop left the gym tired and wounded yet proud of pulling through. The rest of the day was filled with more map reading lessons in preparation for next week’s deployment to Ex MARSHALL STAR.

It had been a tough week, crammed with new skills and information to learn, not to mention a lot of physical challenges in the gym. It was however, a good build up to the week ahead of us in the field.


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