216 Troop Week 30

Week 30 saw 216 Troop commence their second week of live field firing on Dartmoor. We boarded our coach and headed back to Okehampton Battle Camp which would act as our base camp for the remainder of the week. That afternoon we practiced troop attacks using blank ammunition in preparation for live firing later in the week. Due to the large numbers involved in the attack it was important to make sure we all knew what was happening and how the attack would work before doing it live.

On Tuesday we did live section attacks and threw live, High Explosive grenades. It was great to see all our training coming together, the tactics, drills and communication all working together to produce efficient assaults. That night we were supposed to do more section attacks at night but, due to poor weather and heavy clag, the shoot was postponed.

On Wednesday we carried out a live troop attack (the same one we had practiced earlier in the week with blank rounds). This ran smoothly due to the prior practice and a strong effort from the troop. We finished off the section night attacks that night using both black and white light practicing section advance to contact, reorg, in-depth targets, breaking contact and CASEVAC drills. Firing at night using night vision, lasers, tracers and flares was great fun something I’m sure the whole troop enjoyed.

Thursday morning we received a set of orders for a troop advance to contact serial, this would see the troop advance over 3km assaulting multiple in-depth positions. This tested our ability to quickly adapt to and anticipate what was going on around us. During the night we did a black light troop advance to contact on one of the positions we attacked during the day.

Friday we woke early and had a weapon inspection followed by clearing up the ranges, packing away our kit then heading back to CTCRM. Back on camp we had a quick run through of the Tarzan assault and checked our rifles were zeroed correctly in preparation for the commando tests next week. Overall live field firing was a rewarding but tiring two weeks, which is what you come to expect from recruit training.”



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