222 Week 11-12

222 Troop – Week 11

This week saw us start a two week shooting package that we conduct on straight point ranges near Exmouth.

You learn all sorts of different shooting positions and conduct lots of different tests. The main test covered is the ACMT (Annual Combat Marksmanship Test) and this is what decides if you are good enough to progress past the shooting phase and it also decides who is good enough to wear the marksman’s badge when we eventually get our blues. We spent the first three days with the Combat Marksmanship Team, they taught us all the shooting positions from standing to kneeling supported and how you can make them better and perfect them. This was very beneficial to us and a great asset to training.

On the last couple of days you start to learn more advanced shooting on the Close Quarter Marksmanship range which includes snap shooting and pivot shooting. We also conducted a low light shoot, this consist of a 50m shoot with no NVG’s in certain positions. This will truly test how good you are!

Week 11 has been a great week away from camp where you can actually perfect everything you have learnt and put it all into practice. You get great hands on with your weapon and make it truly yours!

222 Troop – Week 12

For 222 Troop after passing the ACMT in week 11, week 12 allowed us to progress onto Close Quarter Marksmanship an area that the Royal Marines have become specialists in.

Our shooting conditions were perfect – clear sky and next to no wind, our instructors gave us a good understanding of the body positions and methods used for close quarter shooting. This was a really good experience that everyone in the troop enjoyed allot.

Part of our range package was located on Dartmoor. This involved moving targets and an introduction to night shooting with night vision and the different fire positions required to shoot that way. We also conducted one automatic shoot to get used to burst fire. Overall the whole troop enjoyed their time on the ranges and feel that we have progressed well to become competent shots.

The weekend after the ranges 222 troop ventured over the channel via a ferry to France. This was to visit various historical sites and museums associated with the D-day landings. We visited the British, American and German cemetery which everyone in the troop found emotional and moving. We held a 2 minute silence and placed our crosses on our own selected head stones. Over the weekend we learned so much about the sacrifices made and what these brave men went through for our freedom. The weekend was particularly special because it was the anniversary of the landings. This made the troop feel very proud about the history of the Royal Marines, and even more motivated. With the moral high it was time to head back to CTC and crack on with week 13.


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