224 Troop Week 5

224 Troop Diary – Week 5


At the beginning of week 5, 224 Troop were optimistic as Family’s Day and a Long Weekend of rest were in sight. However Exercise QUICK COVER would still be a challenge to overcome, and with a tough exercised promised by the training team, making it through to the end of the week would not be easy.

On Monday morning we began with an inspection, quickly followed by a 4 mile run designed to fatigue us for the following days. After everyone packed their kit we set off to Woodbury Common for Exercise QUICK COVER. On arrival we were taught the correct application of cam cream followed by a lesson on surveying and scanning the terrain for different objects and learning ‘why things are seen’.

The next day, more lessons followed the kit inspection. These included ‘judging distance’ which introduced us to the laser range finder. In the afternoon we were shown different methods of tactical movement,  including ‘monkey run’ and ‘leopard crawl’,  the whole troop really enjoyed this part. In the evening different methods of firing were taught and the Troop Commander introduced the basic principles of navigation. The highlight of the day was the reward of not getting wet for once, owing to our efforts during the day. It was made clear that if the effort continued, the wetness would stop on future occasions also.

Wednesday offered the troop an opportunity to combine the lessons of the last couple of days into practice for a solo Close Quarter Battle lane. All but one member of the troop were able to fire blank ammunition at targets using the methods taught prior. On completion of the camp collapse, the troop then ran back to camp in testing temperatures before de-servicing our muddy personal kit.

Thursday was spent trying to perfect drill and practice in the gym ahead of Family’s Day. Although the drill practice went well it didn’t go to plan on the day itself, though after a lot of effort the troop made amends with their performance in the gym. Going home to our families has been a much needed break, although it’s only week 5, we are proud to be here and to have made it this far already.



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