216 Troop Week 26

Monday was a big day for 216 Troop as it was the start of the Commando Phase. This is the part of training everyone had been waiting for as it is a huge milestone.  To enter this phase we had to pass the 6 mile speed march. Successful completion of this would mean we were awarded our cap comforter which symbolizes the transition to the final phase. Unfortunately we lost one Recruit during the speed march due to the heat but everyone else held on until the end and there was a sense of pride as we were awarded the cap comforters by the Training Team.

Tuesday saw the Troop move to the Foggin Tor quarry on Dartmoor for a full day spent with the Mountain Leaders. Here we learned various methods of climbing and abseiling with full kit. This was an enjoyable day in which the Troop proved we were bonding more as a team as we didn’t get extra remedial  Physical Training for getting things wrong. We learned a lot of new skills which are important for our future career and especially important for the following exercise as these skills would be needed.

Wednesday was our first timed run through of the Tarzan Assault Course. We started off without kit so we could practice the various techniques and safety points required throughout the course before progressing onto a full run through with kit. It is a physically challenging course and also tests your levels of courage and determination.  I think the true challenge of the up and coming Commando tests finally hit the troop as we discovered just how demanding the tests will be. Thursday began with sorting out the last bits of admin prior to deploying on Ex FINAL THRUST. This will be our final exercise in Recruit Training and will test us in everything that we have learned so far.



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