218 Troop Week 19

218 Troop – Week 19

Week 19 is the build up to bottom field pass out, during which we have 5 consecutive crash sessions with the aim of fine trimming the obstacle techniques we have been working on over the last 6 weeks, everything from consecutive rope climbs to feet raise regains.

It’s a heart-breaking feeling waking up so stiff it’s a struggle to make it to breakfast then knowing a 2 hour hard physical training (phys’) session awaits you in an hours’ time. Nevertheless, as the Physical Training Instructors say “we should consider ourselves lucky for all the free phys’ we get”!!  However it is hard to show the required gratitude when you’re on your 5th rope climb!.

Other than the crash sessions, Week 19 was our first introduction to the GPMG (general purpose machine gun). After several lessons with this weapon we completed the weapon handling test and became competent with clearing the several stoppages which can occur with these weapons. To top it all off, on the Friday, we took the GPMG’s to straight point shooting range to have our first experience firing them and not a rifle and also to perfect our belt changing drills with live ammunition.

Whilst it has been one of the hardest physical weeks of training, the knowledge and skills we have learnt and perfected have been enjoyable.  As we approach week 20, Bottom Field Pass- out looms large, here’s hoping we all make the grade!



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