218 Troop Week 10

218 Troop – Week 10

On week 10, 218 Troop deployed on exercise HUNTERS MOON.   We set off Monday morning and arrived on Dartmoor midday- immediately setting off on A 6 kilometer day navigation (nav) exercise, working in our sections. The weather on Monday was good and 218 reached the scout hut early in the afternoon.

Once the Troop had arrived we all got a briefing off the Troop Commander about the safety rules and some important information about Dartmoor Training Area. The Troop then wrote out route cards for the night navigation exercise that would be taking place later that evening.

On Monday night 218 went on a night navigation with our respective section Corporals. Once completed the Troop set up a roaming sentry in a linear harbour.

On Tuesday morning 218 laid kit musters and there was a bit of remedial punishment for those who had not put the necessary effort into field administration (personal hygiene, weapon cleanliness etc)  Afterwards 218 wrote their route cards for the 9 kilometre day navigation ahead.  On the day navigation the section corporals took their sections on roughly different routes.  It gave each member of the section an opportunity to navigate, check nav and act as pace man (for approximating distance covered).  Once returned, the Troop wrote out route cards and administrated themselves for the night nav ahead.

On Tuesday night the sections went out alone without their section corporals and also the sections were broken into fire teams.  Once all the fire teams safely returned 3 & 4 section took sentry, however the weather took a horrific turn in the night and made it near impossible to lay a good kit muster in the morning.

On Wednesday morning, due to the weather, 218 Troop did not lay kit musters and instead had a weapons inspection.  Afterwards the Troop packed their Bergen’s ready for the insertion yomp. The Troop set off at 13:00 and arrived in Gidleigh wood at 20:00. Upon arrival the Troop was stripped of all contraband and released into the wilderness to construct shelters and fires.

On Thursday the Troop put all their previously learned survival skills to the test and when the Mountain Leaders came to inspect the shelters he was more than happy, so thankfully 218 Troop avoided getting wet.  Later in the day the Troop killed and gutted chickens and fish and cooked them on the previously constructed fires. The night was spent maintaining the fires with sentries and collecting wood. Thankfully although it felt cold it did not rain.

On Friday morning the Troop woke early and deployed on the extraction yomp to an RV point where the Troop was collected by minibuses. Upon arrival at CTCRM the Troop cleaned weapons and de-serviced kit for the remainder of the day and most of the night.



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