216 Troop Week 24

216 Troop Week 24 Diary

We started the week with a 6 mile clean fatigue run with the PTI (Physical Training Instructor) and training team, running the 6 mile speed-march route we will take in 2 weeks marking the start of the Commando Phase; the whole troop completed the run. We ended the Monday with the first lectures on the Light Machine Gun (LMG) learning the characteristics and getting a feel for the gun.

Tuesday, we began the morning with more phys’,  this time doing a clean fatigue run through of the Endurance Course, one of the tests we will take at the end of training to earn the Green Beret.  We did a run through of the Endurance Course which is 2 miles of obstacles stopping and going through each one and learning the route. Once we completed the first lap we then did a best effort run through in sections to see who could get the fastest time, once complete we did a troop run back to camp which is 4 miles. When we get back to camp we finished the day with more LMG training this time more hands on learning drills like the ‘Normal Safety Procedures’ (NSP’s), ‘stripping and assembling’, and the ‘function test’.

On Wednesday we started with more phys’,  this time a run through of the Tarzan assault course on other test we do at the end of training. It was a pretty relaxation phys’ session as it was more learning the technique of how to climb the 30ft wall and come down the commando slide, once complete we carried on the afternoon with more LMG training this time moving on to loading and unloading the gun.

Thursday began with ‘arms drill’, the Troop paraded first thing that morning being inspected by the DL and them going through some sequences that could possibly be included in our Kings Squad. Once drill had finished we did more LMG training in the afternoon, this time learning the different stoppages we may encounter and going over everything learned so far so we were ready for our weapon handling test the following day.

Friday stared with a ‘12 mile load carry’ around Woodbury common with 69lbs plus our rifles. It took us 4 hours to complete the test which is criteria and the full Troop managed to complete the load carry. Morale was pretty high once it was complete as its one more thing to tick off the list on the way to finishing training. Later that day we did our LMG weapons handling test in which everyone passed. Once we had returned weapons to the armoury the troop were given their weekend.



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