219 Troop Week 1 & 2


  1. The ‘shock of capture’ about sums it up! The Royal Marines emphasis and standards (particularly in the spheres of excellence and determination) hums through everything here at Lympstone. It’s certainly been a shock to the system for the new 219 Troop, but, needless to say a very healthy mindset to adopt.
  2. The foundation period we’re in has seen the fundamental skills start to be put in place. Ironing, cleaning, washing, cleaning, reporting, learning, cleaning… domestic goddesses basically… that happen to do lots of press ups.
  3. Perhaps the most important skill the Training Team have impressed on us though is the ability to work as a team. The Green Beret we all aspire to isn’t something, we’re told time and again, we can earn on our own.
  4. Week 2 of training has continued to build on our fundamentals while throwing in some new skills to the mix. The challenges of which have finally yielded some results in bringing us together as a troop, as friends even.

This week has seen us all tackle our first exercise, “Ex. Early Night”, which introduced 219 to the infamous wet and dry routine (Sleeping in dry kit and patrolling in wet to the un-initiated!). Following our Troop Commanders rapid and efficient example was easier said than done. Our bedraggled gaggle of muddy nods (affectionate term for recruit) trying to perfect this I Imagine was like watching puppies on ice (myself in particular).

So far our other accomplishments for 219 have been beating our friendly rivals, 218 troop, in a press up competition (have it 218!), introduction to the Battle Swim Test and introduction to Royal Marine hand to hand training… Eat your heart out Jackie ChanIt’s a challenge, recruit training, but it’s not without its levity. We brought the week to a close with a night out, or “run ashore” as it’s called here, having a few drinks as a troop. I’m eager to see how well “I’m in Marine training” works for me as a chat up line! For now though, we’re turning our attention to our next exercise.


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