211 Troop Week 24- 26


  1. After a relaxed week of Adventure Training and a long weekend, the Recruits of 211 Troop were raring to go for another week of training. A brisk 6 mile booted run on the Monday morning was useful to shake off the cobwebs from what was clearly a very ‘relaxed’ weekend for some members of the Troop. It was an important route to familiarise ourselves with as the next time we would attempt the same run would be with 21lbs and a rifle on our 6 mile speed march. This speed march marks the beginning of the Commando Phase of Recruit Training.
  2. The physical serials continued throughout the week with acquaints on both the endurance and tarzan assault course. These were conducted without kit and in ‘slow time’ in order to allow all members of the Troop to familiarise themselves with all obstacles. The next time we would attempt these, would be for best effort timings against the clock. It was not lost on everyone that we had to learn now while we can for there would not be many chances to conduct run throughs prior to the Commando Tests.
  3. We also managed to fit in an interesting lecture about Amphibious Warfare with the Troop Commander. He instructed each section to come up with 10 minute presentations on what makes the Royal Marines and their amphibious capability so unique. We also had to prepare a similar presentation on why it is only the Royal Marines who are suited to this role. It was a good lecture and reminded us all why we have to go through the difficulties and challenges of Recruit Training.
  4. Running concurrently to the physical elements and lectures, the main focus of the week was to be our introduction to the Light Machine Gun (LMG). This was our first exposure to this particular weapons system so we had to pay close attention to all of the lessons given to us by the Corporals. We are all looking forward to getting on the range with it next week when we deploy on Ex SEA SENSE at HMS Raleigh next week.
  5. The final evolution of the week was the 12 mile load carry. This would be carried out across Woodbury Common carrying 69lbs and our weapons. The Troop performed well on this and had no issues finishing well within the time allowed.


  1. This week saw 211 Tp move to HMS Raleigh for a week of amphibious training and more advanced weapons training. HMS Raleigh is the phase 1 training establishment for the Royal Navy, the equivalent of CTCRM for the Royal Marines. However this is where the similarities between the two stop, there was a distinct lack of assault courses, screaming PTI’s or Recruits running around in complete confusion!
  2. The week began with sea survival training from various Royal Navy personnel. This was both informative and interesting, given that we would be conducting a lot of amphibious training this week we paid particularly close attention to the lessons (particularly the weaker swimmers amongst the Troop!). As amphibious troops the ability to sustain ourselves at sea is extremely important and this was reinforced to us throughout the week.
  3. A return to our more ‘green skills’ came in the form of the LMG (Light Machine Gun). We had conducted the theory lessons for this weapons system on camp the previous week and we were all keen to get hands on with live ammunition. Unfortunately the weather was not quite so keen, at times the rain was so heavy it was difficult to see the target….from 25m away! At least this was the excuse made by several members of the Troop for their erratic shooting!
  4. Thursday was spent out on the ‘ogin’ with the Landing Craft from the Royal Marines’ Assault Group. Throughout both day and night we were shown the variety of amphibious crafts that are used by Royal Marines to get from ship to shore. This was an enjoyable day that allowed us to experience first hand what makes the Royal Marines so unique. It is not for the faint hearted to cross deck from a fast moving Landing Craft onto an equally fast moving ORC (basically the Royal Marines version of a speed boat) during the hours of darkness!
  5. The week finished up in a very different kind of trip to the ‘ogin’, instead of cold and wet we were treated to the warm waters of the China Fleet Club Country Spa. This was a brilliant way for the Troop to unwind and relax after the week, there are definitely perks to the job! We couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish the week but we are under no illusion that it will not last for long, we are all aware that next week marks the beginning of the Commando phase of Recruit Training starting with the 6 mile speed march.


 Monday was a big day for the Recruits of 211 Tp as it would be the day we would attempt the 6 mile speed march. Successful completion of this would mean that we would be awarded our cap comforter which would mark the beginning of our transition into the Commando phase of training. Fortunately everyone passed strongly and there was a sense of pride as we were awarded the cap comforters by the Training Team.   Tuesday saw the Troop move to the Foggin Tor quarry on Dartmoor for a full day spent with the infamous Royal Marines Mountain Leaders. Here we would learn various methods of climbing and abseiling with full kit. This was an enjoyable day (not just because of the unseasonably good weather) where we learned a lot of new skills as well as learning which members of the Troop are not so good with heights.

Wednesday was our first timed run through of the infamous Tarzan Assault Course. We started off without kit so we could practice the various techniques and safety points required throughout the course before progressing onto a full run through with kit. It is a physically challenging course and also tests your levels of courage and determination, it clearly tested some members of the Troop more than others!Thursday began with sorting out the last bits of admin prior to deploying on Ex FINAL THRUST. This will be our final exercise in Recruit Training and will test us in everything that we have learnt so far. It is called the Commando exercise for a reason and the whole Troop is motivated to come through it together and move ever closer to the Green Beret.


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