213 Troop Week 13-14


  1. 4th January – Monday; back from Christmas leave and onto week 13. The troop is learning the meaning of having the Lympstone Blues and missing the comforts of civilian life. However, this was all swept away with an introduction to bottom field and all the joys this brings. The session was very good with excellent instruction by the PTIs and everyone preferred been outside rather than in the gym. Our first day back concluded with a CBRNlecture and preparation for Ex BAPTIST WALK the next day.
  2. 5th January – Tuesday; a day we have all been nervously anxious about, Ex BAPTIST WALK. We set out early in the morning for Woodbury and set up for the day. The troop split up with some sections taking part in a navigation assessment and others on a stalking assessment – we swapped later on. Once these assessments where completed we were assessed on areas including observation, fire controls orders and target indication. Our final assessment concluded with individual night navigation. All these assessments made us realise we were all a bit rusty from Christmas leave and needed some work to refresh.
  3. 6th January – Wednesday; the final day of Ex BAPTIST WALK begun with the troop setting up a kit muster. This would be a graded muster so pass or fail. With some passing and some failing we packed our kit and started our CFT yomp back to camp. Our endurance was tested during this particular assessment. We arrived at camp; packed away our field kit and went on to grenade lectures. The day concluded with the de-servicing of our kit.
  4. 7th January – Thursday; the troop took part in an AMF session where the regain was taught. We later transferred over to the grenade range and luckily everyone managed to successfully throw a grenade without any casualties! The day concluded with some late night de-servicing, due to some disciplinary actions.
  5. 8th January – Friday; we had an AMF session in the morning and then moved on to embark on coaches towards the ferry. After a long journey we boarded the ferry towards Normandy, France.
  6. 9th January – Saturday; the day began with a visit to a British war cemetery, where various soldiers from different army regiments and the Corps are remembered. Throughout the day we visited other WWII sites such as beaches and villages. It was a very humbling experience, however, the visit to the American gravesite, was astonishing. We concluded the day with an evening meal at a hotel before some evening sight-seeing
  7. 10th January – Sunday; after a French hotel breakfast, we set out to visit the St St Mere Eglise village where a parachutist was captured after getting stuck on the top of the church tower! After visiting a German war cemetery we then embarked on the Ferry to begin our journey back to CTC. The journey to France is a fantastic experience and one that reminds us all of the potential consequences of the business we are in.
  8. 11th January – Monday; week 14 has arrived and so has test week! The entire troop is nervous with anticipation for the infamous Ex BAPTIST RUN. However, that was two days away and we begun ourMonday morning with a bottom field session, with some slight increase in our webbing weight. Other duties throughout the day included dental appointments, for some of the troop, and NVQ lectures, as well as some final preps for the exercise.
  9. 12th January – Tuesday; one day to go for our exercise. Tuesday was all day learning signals. We covered the various different radios we would be using when in the field. As well as going over the various different scenarios of how to speak on the radio. This, of course, was theory lectures to prepare us for the eventual practical in the following weeks. The day ended with a pre-exercise field kit muster in the drill shed. Our first graded aspect of the exercise, which we believed went well.
  10. 13th January – Wednesday – test day had arrived and the morning had a 4 mile speed march in store for us – a first for the troop carrying weapons. We then moved to our exercise area in Woodbury and begun immediately to take advantage of the few hours of light. We first went through static navigation examinations and stalking. During the evening, we progressed to the much anticipated individual nigh navigation, a daunting exam, however completed without anyone getting lost – or so we thought!
  11. 14th January – Thursday; a cold morning started with our first graded field kit muster. Following the inspection we moved on to observation stances, fire controls orders, and target indication. We then completed our second static navigation exam and stalk. During the evening we completed a second night navigation exercise, which again went well with every recruit going through each CP successfully – or so we thought!
  12. 15th January – Friday; our final day in the field! However, we still had a field kit muster to complete. Following this we progressed to completing more observation stances, fire control orders, and target indication. The whole troop then began the very much anticipated yomp back to camp. It was conducted at a slightly faster pace than last time. Thankfully the majority of the troop worked hard and completed the yomp, with no issues. Once back at camp we returned all stores and begun the long evening of de-servicing all kit in preparation for our final examined post field kit muster.
  13. 16th January – Saturday; after a sleepless night for some, we set out for the drill shed, set our kit muster and nervously waited. The inspection seemed to have gone well; however we now play the waiting game and wait for our results on Monday!

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