216 Troop Week 5


216 Troop – Troop Diary – Week 5

With Families Day looming in the back of everyone’s minds, we deployed onto Exercise QUICK COVER in high spirits. After setting up the team tent and equipment we began to learn some basic movement into cover whilst patrolling, it felt good to apply all that we have learnt at CTC into the field.  The training team delivered many lectures over the Exercise, but one of the main focuses was learning how to use observation and camouflage to counteract each other.  This in a very basic form was us looking out for irregularities in the surrounding area that meant we would be able to see camouflaged enemies, or in this case, our oppos.  The whole troop was ecstatic to have another dip in Peter’s Pool (a muddy wet hole in the ground) and practice ‘wet and dry’ that night and then start the sentry routine.

On Tuesday morning we had our first fully inspected kit muster which meant we where now eligible for the ‘Flank’, of which all of us bar 6 people where put on. After receiving our remedial training, which included getting wet again and generally feeling more awake, we started the lectures for the day.  These consisted of learning about judging distance by eye and individual methods of movement.

Wednesday’s efforts on the kit muster where much better with most people not wanting to receive the same remedial training as they had done the morning before, but there was still a sizeable amount of the Troop below the mark. More lectures followed, and in the afternoon we had our first taste of firing blank rounds and a little bit of fire and manoeuvre, which was very exciting as it was the first time we had a slight taste of what its like to be an infantryman.   We packed up camp, did the usual routines and began the ‘brisk’ stroll back to camp.  A long night was then ahead of us of de-servicing our kit and cleaning the rifles, which were a lot dirtier now after having fired blank rounds through them.  Although we where all pretty tired by the end of the day, the thought of seeing our families at the end of the week was great motivation.

Thursday was our prep day for showing off what we had learnt to our families, which included some phys and drill just to freshen up. The phys session ran as normal but it was a strange feeling to be told to only go 50% on double mark time, which as a rule of thumb is no where near quick enough.

Families Day began with a drill performance, which I can personally say was no where near out best efforts on the parade ground, you could say nerves had crept in or even excitement. After allowing some of the family members to join in and embarrass themselves, we finished off to begin our phys demonstration.  You could tell that the Troop was up for smashing this session, to show off what we had learnt to our families.  Once we had put in what felt like a good representation of a typical Initial Military Fitness session we squared ourselves away to see our families.  You could tell that it felt good to be seeing members our families and have a night off camp


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