211 Troop Week 19

211 Tp Diary – Week 19

After a glorious two weeks of Christmas leave, today was our much anticipated first day back to CTCRM.  Despite the best efforts of ‘Lympstone Blues’, the Troop’s morale was high as we exchanged leave dits, laughed at who had returned with the worst haircut and reminded ourselves that this would be our last few months in training.  If coming back through the gates was not enough of a reminder we were back, a very cheeky Bottom Field session was a perfect reminder and intensive way to blow out the Christmas cobwebs.

Tuesday started, unusually, with a game of basketball in the gym which again helped to raise the Troop’s morale.  Some members of the Troop were definitely taking it more seriously than others with Recruit Hill having to be reminded several times that basketball is a non-contact sport!  However our joy was short lived as we were back on the Bottom Field as soon as the tense 3-3 draw was over.  The Troop followed this with an interesting counter-insurgency lecture with our new Troop Commander where we had a surprise visit from the Camp Commandant, Colonel Oliver RM.  The Troop debated against each other and the Commandant complimented us on our levels of interaction and understanding.

The main effort for the Troop this week has been our introduction to the GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun).  We have massively enjoyed this and paid very close attention to the lessons, we have been left in little doubt by the team of just how an important a weapons system it is to both a Section and Troop.  We are all looking forward to our live firing on the GPMG at the end of the week.

It has been a good first week back for the Troop, morale is high and we are all looking forward to next week and Bottom Field Pass Out.  It will be a big test for the Troop however we are in a good place and feel ready to smash it and start the Commando phase of training.



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