212 Troop Week 5

212 Troop Week 5 Recruit Diary

This week 212 Troop deployed into the field on their longest exercise yet, Ex QUICK COVER. It was an enjoyable exercise with lessons and stances in camouflage and concealment, map reading, observation and a chance to practice wet and dry routine.

The Troop also got the chance to fire their rifles for the first time with an introduction to CQB and practicing fire and manoeuvre.

The morale of the troop was high as Friday was family’s day and the first chance to get home since training began 5 weeks ago. The Troop dug out in both a drill display and then in the IMF session in front of the parents, girlfriends and mates. We were all on our way home in the afternoon for a brief escape from our new found military life.


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