212 Troop Week 4

212 Troop Week 4 Recruit Diary

The focus of the week surrounded our first exercise off camp and the first taste of learning some of the skills we signed up to learn. Exercise FIRST STEP was set on Woodbury Common and we were instantly challenged by the training team who tasked us to put up the team location in 25 mins. 212 Troop rose to the challenge and an hour and 10 minutes later the task was complete.

The lessons started with a ration pack tutorial from Cpl Williams and we were all impressed to learn what was supplied in the Officer’s pack. Then it was a memorable morning routine demo from Cpl Bowl who showed us how to clean all of those often neglected places…..

The Troop Sergeant gave us the basics of building a Troop Harbour location and we were introduced to sentry routines. In the morning it was our chance to lay out our first kit muster and therefore our chance for most of the troop to get introduced to the first re-teach of the course. A yomp back to camp and Ex FIRST STEP was complete. A great introduction to soldiering.


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