215 Troop Week 1-3



To summarize all the events from the first two weeks of Commando training would take a document the size of a PhD Thesis.  Instead this is a brief insight into the emotional roller coaster that is Commando training.

From the moment the train crawled past the barbed wire fence encompassing the assault course, a deafening feeling of anxiety filled the carriage.  All 51 men were introduced to their new home, the ‘Foundation Block’ of Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), in which the pristine floor and immaculate bed layout struck home the new military life which we were beginning.

The rapid adjustment to precise timings and responsibility for the mountain of newly issued equipment, combined with the demand to give 100% into everything, hit all of us with a wave of shock and fear.  The demands of the daily routine resulted in the shared expression of a rabbit caught in a set of headlights from all of 215 Troop.

For most the new routine of early morning ironing to late night polishing didn’t leave an ounce of energy – if there was then the daily PT sessions ranging from swimming to rope climbs to sprints and the infamous camp circuits were enough to sap anything remaining.

In only two weeks each man has been pushed and achieved more than they ever thought possible.  The last two weeks have felt like one long day interspersed with the briefest of power naps.  Regardless of the challenges that await us, 215 Troop will conquer everything on our path to earning the right to wear the Green Beret.



The last three weeks has transformed a body of men into a troop.  Admittedly, the training team may have a different opinion; none the less, a clasping bond was developing between us all which over the upcoming weeks we will all rely upon.

The whole of week 3 gave a glimpse of the rising learning curve through training.  Whether that be the progression at weapon skills, the ever increasingly demanding physical training, the complexity on the drill square or the development of close quarters combat.  All of which will be displayed on the upcoming Families’ Day, so, although tired, the troop knew that the hard work would pay off.

215 Troop have now been given the honour of moving out of the Foundation Block and into our accommodation; home for the upcoming 32 weeks. Each man has his own bed space with personal and military lockers, these are to be in immaculate condition at all times – something much easier to say than do.

The end of Week 3 saw the removal of the orange tabs worn by new recruits, which act as a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card when we have inevitably been late / incorrectly dressed / improperly marching etc…. The result of this is a mixture of emotion from excitement for the future to apprehension of the inevitable soundtrack to our lives which will bellow ‘bend, stretch’ as we continue to learn what it takes to become a Royal Marine Commando.


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