212 Troop Week 1 & 2

212 Troop Week 1 and 2 Recruit Diary

Week 1 of training went pretty much how I imagined it would – long days, little sleep and a plethora of new information to absorb. Some of the lads in the troop have had little to no experience fending for themselves, so even basic tasks such as washing and ironing were found to be a little daunting. I’m sure that we will have plenty of time to practice these skills in the comings however.

The troop also got it’s first taste of Initial Military Fitness (IMF), which on first impression, is nothing short of brutal. High intensity workouts, coupled with the immensely high standards of the Physical Training Instructors (PTIs), left us dreaming of the days when we would go to our local gyms and training at our own (relatively) leisurely pace.

The hardest part for most of the recruits I think though was the old “shock of capture” cliché. Although no one admitted it at first, most of us spent the first 21 – 48 hours terrified of what was in store for us. Being thrown into a large room of strangers with no way to contact friends or family only added to the stress. Having now spent some time with the men that we’ll all be living and working with, hopefully for the next 31 weeks, I have no doubt that life at CTCRM will get easier as we get to know each other better and bond more as a troop.

Week 2 consisted of the introduction to 3 main topics. We had our first RMCC session where we learned the vital skill of how to “shrimp” out from underneath your attacker, as well as some of the punishments that can be issued out when on bottom field. We also went on the misleadingly named exercise “EARLY NIGHT”, where due to our inability to move our fingers fast enough, we spent a lot of time being re-taught certain skills. Finally we had our first weapon handling lesson where we were taught the characteristics and naming of the parts of the SA80.


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