211 Troop Week 12 & 13



For 211 Troop the start of the week was focused on completion of the ACMT shooting test.  8 members of the troop gained marksman (with help from good shooting conditions and excellent instruction) so the hard work put in the previous week had definitely paid off.

The rest of the week allowed us to experience Close Quarter Marksmanship, an area that the Royal Marines have become more specialist in.  This introduction gave us an insight into the variety of body positions and methods used to fight at close quarters.  An incredible experience that all the troop will remember and want to excel at.  The rest of the time on the ranges was filled with phys sessions from our PTI.

Following our return from the ranges 211 Troop ventured over the Channel to visit various museums and historical sites from the D-Day landings.  The brief period allowed only a fraction of the dedication and sacrifice that these men gave for our freedom to be experienced.  The trip was particularly appropriate as we travelled to France over the Remembrance weekend and were able to honour the Royal Marines’ graves on such a significant day.  The acts that these men carried out is incomprehensible, which all of the troop felt immensely proud of.  We can only hope that during our time in the Royal Marines our acts will honour this great generation.



Gassed, grenades, and good ‘man phys’.

For 211 Troop, Week 13 contained an exceptional amount of challenges, even by the standards of CTC.  The week began with an introduction to the Bottom Field and all the delights it contains.  Starting with the 11 obstacles, perfection of the fireman’s carry, and the infamous full regain, our first exposure to ‘man phys’ was full on.  However, through the guidance of our PTI and his strikers the troop progressed onto an assessment on the assault course and confirmation of the full regain.

We deployed onto Woodbury Common for Ex BAPTIST WALK, an exercise designed to test the full spectrum of field craft.  The general feeling was that of under achievement and we are determined to rectify any failings during Week 14 and Ex BAPTIST RUN .

Our newly issued respirators were then tested, followed by an exposure to CS gas.  It has quite accurately been compared to inhaling Wazzabi and smearing Tabasco in your eyes.  The wimpering, crying, and coughing wears off eventually, just in time for Dunker drills.  This simulates a helicopter crash into water in a variety of scenarios.  If you ever wanted to bottle anxiety, the moments before the cab (helicopter) falls into the water in complete darkness knowing you are about to turn upside down is probably the best time to do it.

To top this week’s escapades the troop experienced throwing live high explosive grenades.  With expressions of joy louder than the explosions it was clear that, although not all experiences at CTCRM are the best, we know that, as training progresses, we all become closer to what we want to achieve and have incomparably great experiences doing it.


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