210 Troop Week 15

The week began with a touch of anxiety as everyone in the troop awaited their results from exercise Baptist Run the week before.  An early start on Monday, beginning at the stances learning the very important survival drills attached to CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) training.  This was in preparation for the drills test set out for us on Wednesday down in the chambers where we’d of course be gassed again- our ears were therefore pinned back at this lecture to assure our drills were efficient!  After this and some Physical Training down at Bottom Field we begun to learn throughout the day that the majority of us had passed with a good score rating and could now breathe a sigh of relief as we head into the better stages of training. Phase two here we come!

On from there this week we continued with our introduction into Signals training, eventually getting hands on the radio equipment and learning how to set up and operate the devices in the lecture rooms with one another and the very helpful (also patient) signals staff.

We spent a lot of time in lectures this week also learning to begin with about the organisation and roles of a rifle troop, troop harbour drills, types and aims of patrols i.e. recce (reconnaissance) and fighting patrols, battle procedure and also section formations – all of which will be introduced in our up and coming phase two exercise, FIRST BASE.  So with all this and also a lecture with our Company Commander on the Laws Of Armed Conflict (LOAC) and captured personnel, our note books really took a beating this week giving us plenty of ammo for our affairs folders which we tried to add to in the spare time we had.

The last thing I need to mention is the drill we all endured this week.  For once we were extremely thankful for the recap, as with the amalgamation amongst other things a fair bit of what we’d been taught as troop had somehow been forgotten, and the end of phase one awards were creeping up on us for the Fri!  But, all went well fortunately with some great achievements being recognised including Rct CRAIG as the most improved recruit and also Rct HOWITT gaining an award for pretty much anything going!! We were congratulated as a troop however from the training team and especially the Company Commander, which I’m sure made every man feel as proud as I did at close of play Friday 13th Nov… When we received our well deserved long weekend.


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