203 Troop Week 4

Week 4:

Coming back after leave it was difficult for a lot of us to get back in to the routine of being in training. Having been away for two weeks it was back reality Monday morning very quickly. A revision of all the things we had started learning before leave was quickly on us. An inspection of the accommodation to make sure we weren’t letting our standards slip, followed by going over our weapon drills again.

Before we knew it we were getting ready to go on our first proper exercise. Ex FIRST STEP. This was to be our first experience of properly living in the ‘field’, learning about how to do the basics properly from how to eat, drink, wash to how to look after your kit in different conditions as well as how to conduct sentry correctly, this is where a number of us are always awake and alert to ensure that the rest of the troop is safe to sleep and conduct there administration. After our first night we had a kit muster to make sure we were all looking after our equipment properly. You do not want to fail!! We then had a march back to camp with kit, which everyone passed.

Once back we were straight in to the normal long day routine of lots of phys, lectures and weapons lessons which everyone was starting to get the hand of.  Friday however, was the highlight of the week. We got to watch the Kings Squad do their pass out parade in front of all their family and friends as well as the rest of CTC. In only 28 weeks time this will hopefully be us!



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