210 Troop Week 13

WEEK 13 210 Tp
After getting back from an interesting and educational weekend in Normandy on Exercise OVERLORD, the lads from 210 started off the week by getting introduced to the rigours of the ‘Bottom Field’, our first session consisted of getting to grips with the low and high obstacles, rope climbs, 200m fireman carries and the assault course, we all get very wet and muddy after a trip to the tank but everyone enjoyed the change of environment and being out of the gym.

We then had a quick change into our CBRN gear and had a nervous walk down to the gas chamber- we had to ensure our kit and respirators fit properly by testing them in CS gas, before removing our hoods and respirators to take a nice deep breath of incapacitating gas before ‘reporting’ correctly to the Corporal carrying out the training- some coped better than others but for the most it ended in a lot of coughing, choking, snotty noses and teary eyes! It was a definitely an experience we won’t forget and we all had a good laugh at each others expense!
Next on the agenda for week 13 was Exercise BAPTIST WALK, the Troop spent one night in the field conducting map stances, stalks, observation, a night navigation and setting out a kit muster in the morning- all to smooth out any things we might need to pass our criteria, Exercise BAPTIST RUN, next week.

Thursday consisted of a day at Warminster ranges, doing what most recruits join up for- blowing stuff up! The whole troop got to grips with the L109 HE hand grenade, we all thoroughly enjoyed this evolution and went back to camp smiling!

Week 13 ended with another coach trip up the line to Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) Yeovilton to conduct helicopter dunker drills (to simulate escape from a Merlin helicopter if it were to ditch into the oggin!) Some nervous faces were seen during the brief of what was about to happen to us, but we all knew we were in good hands thanks to the professional staff that run the training centre. Group by group we all proceeded to get submerged in water in a simulated helicopter crash- adopting the brace position and carrying out the correct drills to escape calmly and safely. Eventually the serial progressed so that we were submerged in the dark and inverted. It was definitely an experience and should make for some good ‘dits’ for family and friends! All in all week 13 was a busy but very fun week for 210 troop and we are looking forward to getting through Exercise BAPTIST RUN and getting stuck into phase 2 of our training!


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