213 Troop Week 1


The 28 Sep 15 would mark a special date for the 45 mustering at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) Lympstone to begin their journey towards the much converted Green Beret. We arrived from various locations across the UK and Overseas. The day’s highlights were the attestation to the Queen and being shown how to shower and shave correctly by the Troop Drill Leader (DL). We were also told that this will now be known as dhobing (a legacy from the Corps time in India).

Day two brought an early start, (the Troop DL told us this would be the longest night’s sleep we would get for a long time, he proved to be correct) and a mountain of administration to look forward to from ironing and bed making to vaccinations. We also took our first steps into the hallowed halls of the CTCRM Gymnasium, where we have to work at either 100mph or be dead still, even the smallest movement not being missed by the beady-eyed Physical Training Instructors (PTIs).

We started the day with yet more admin (something that never goes away but just keeps growing!) and then went to stores for some early Christmas presents in the form of all of our military kit. We were all very excited at the prospect of being issued our uniforms. However, as the kit just kept coming a daunting feeling began to grow as the realisation of how much more admin all this kit was going to cause us.

The Troop are bonding well and working together to try to meet the exacting standards required by the Troop DL for rounds each morning. We had our introduction to Initial Military Fitness (IMF), which included Swedish PT. This is similar to aerobics however requires a lot of concentration, coordination and precision. There were a lot of the troop who found this very challenging, leading to lots of shouting form the PTI’s and then a camp circuit, which is an 860m lap of the camp as fast as possible.

Over the weekend we continued to conduct more admin as well as getting our first introduction to Drill, learning how to march, halt and salute correctly. On Sunday we were given a few blissful hours off to pop into Exeter to get items that would make our lives easier the following week.


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