211 Troop Week 8

211 Diary Week 8:

Week 8 began with a bang on the Parade Ground, practicing for our Interval Drill Pass-Out later in the week. This session was a confirmation of all we had learnt so far in our drill lessons, before we move onto Arms Drill incorporating movements with a rifle. After 3 hours we were ready for a break, and relished the opportunity to go for a booted run around the local lanes in the sunshine. This was a good opportunity to blow out the cobwebs from the weekend, and spend some time with our own thoughts. After lunch we had a ‘resection’ lesson, which taught us how pinpoint where we were using features around us. Of course the day wouldn’t be complete with more PT, and with the daylight rapidly leaving we headed into the Gym for 2 hours of IMF with the Troop’s PTI. Tuesday began with Royal Marines Close Combat. This was a fantastic period, instructing us in how to defeat an opponent in hand to hand combat. Far from the karate you see in the films, it teaches technique to use when we cannot bring our rifles to bear in time, or they have a fault and we need to manually disable an opponent. Exhausting, it was nevertheless one of our favourite periods to date. Tuesday night was a late one, and Wednesday morning an early one as we prepared the accommodation for the Company Commander’s Rounds, accompanied by the Company Sergeant Major. The hard work was definitely worth it, as we performed well, and it was nice to show off to someone outside of our training team.

On Thursday we were up early ready for our survival training with the Mountain Leaders at a local woods. This was a brilliant day, definitely one of the times where we felt we were doing what we joined to do. We learnt how to build shelters, search for water, make fire, skin and gut both rabbits and fish and much much more. We all took extensive notes; the next time we did this it would be for real on Dartmoor, with nobody around for help! Friday saw us back in the Gym (surprise surprise!) before going up to Woodbury Common to practice the Map Reading we had learnt during the previous few weeks with an afternoon of orienteering. This was a nice way to end the week, running around in the sunshine and not getting (too badly) lost. Next week sees us complete another week on camp, finishing off of First Aid training before beginning our first ever exercise on Dartmoor!


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