207 Troop Week 14


After last week’s practice for Ex BAPTIST RUN the real thing was here this week. Ahead of us was a number of criteria tests, successful completion of this would allow us to progress into Phase 2 of training.

The week started with Bottom Field, ful with rope climbs, fireman carries and rope regains just what the troop most likes.

That afternoon our CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear) lesson was cancelled due to another troop having the lesson and re-booked for next week; having the afternoon off to get ready for Ex BAPTIST RUN. Next day we had a full day of signals lectures, a lot of information was elivered teaching us correct voice procedure, contact reports and sitreps [Situation Reports]. That night Ex BAPTIST RUN started with a first kit inspection outside G Block the must pass final exercise of Phase 1 Training.

Wednesday morning started with the 4 mile speed march criteria test and straight out into the field for 3 day exercise consisting of static map reading tests, observation stances, delivery of fire control orders, target indication assessments, stalking, camouflage and concealment, night navigation and full field kit inspections each morning. This was where we all had to prove to the training team that we have learnt everything in Phase 1 training.


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