209 Troop Week 6

Week 6

Week 6 is the week a lot of us were looking forward to as it’s the first time we finally got to shoot live rounds after our little taster of firing with blanks in the 2-man suppress and move manoeuvre a week earlier. After weeks of learning about the SA80, run throughs of practicing firing positions and going over the marksmanship principles; live firing was a true eye opener on the reality of shooting and the factors which aid & hinder the outcome of the shot. It’s in this experience that what we had been taught is very much different to our expectations, and it’s not as simple like Call of Duty on a Playstation.

Map reading took another step forward from the previous week, exploring the pitfalls of not reading the map with a keen eye and making calculations based on the three factors of travel, Distance, Speed & Time. We were also given a shopping list to help planning and reading the map for in the field use.

It was at the end of this week we left Lympstone for our 3 week summer holiday break.


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