207 Troop Week 8

207 Troop Diary – Week 8
I have had a busy time on camp this week; we started Monday morning with a BFT, a mile and a half timed run. We all did the mile and half in under 10 minutes as a Troop so we all came in within the time to pass, although this is the time it takes for the training team (who are mostly twice our age) to walk around the route. We then had rifle drill in the afternoon with the Troop Drill Leader. He picked some of us up for not ironing our shirts and some of our boots were not polished to the required standard. The Drill Leader had toe caps like mirrors and a shirt with creases that could cut paper, we all have a lot to learn to reach his standards. Thursday we had Royal Marines Close Combat (RMCC). We were paired up with each other to use the techniques we had learned so far. This was good fun and there were a few surprises with lads who improved on their technique and were able to take down the members of the Troop who enjoyed their dessert more than others. Wednesday was the most important day of the week as we had Company Commander Rounds of the accommodation. As a Troop we did well and passed, which was good news as the standard of administration was high. We then went onto our second BFT of the week which almost everyone improved on, however we were still beaten by our training team. Thursday was a really good day for everyone, we were given survival training with the Mountain Leaders and all came away with new skills and now could give Ray Mears a run for his money (with both survival skills and the standard of our hair cuts). I think this training was the highlight for most of us so far. We learned how to trap animals, lighting fires, build shelters and navigate using the sun (which is good because we are having trouble navigating using a compass). Friday we had a navigation exercise to test our skills. We were given 10 checkpoints to visit within 4 hours. Everybody moved quickly, navigating as fast as they could, through the pouring rain / light drizzle to collect stamps from the check points. The majority of the Troop collected at least 8 of the checkpoints in the time, although some of us spent nearly 3 hours wandering randomly around the training area hoping to stumble across a check point (sadly these people did not stumble across anything but gorse). We finished the week with a swim first thing, this gave the lads who had not yet passed their Battle Swimming Test (BST) another chance (these were mainly the ranks who had not inflated their arm bands correctly the first time). We then went straight onto drill where we revised the previous lesson in order to perfect our drills


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