207 Troop Week 7

207 Troop Diary – Week 7
Life at CTCRM is busy as always at week 7. The Troop was preparing to go into the field on exercise Marshall Star, a challenging navigation exercise that lasted 3 nights and 4 days. We started the week with a 5 mile run on a nice early morning, the Troop performed well overall. After the run we got ready to go on exercise with mixed feelings, some were looking forward to it, others were quite nervous as we knew it would be challenging.
During our time in the field we learned more about camouflage and concealment, this then lead on to stalking (moving to a target without being seen). I and a few others really enjoyed this, as it brought out our competitive side. We also got to put all the navigational skills taught to us into practise, with day and night navigation exercises. These were done as a team and then as an individual. After the exercise was finished we had a 5 mile walk back to camp, with webbing, rifle and a daysack. There were a few blisters that day.
When we got back to camp and conducted a full de-service of all our kit, morale was high knowing the weekend was around the corner. We had just one more test to complete, the BST (Battle Swimming Test). This involves being able to jump from a 3 metre high platform and swim, with a rifle and webbing, most of Troop managed to accomplish this.
So we started our weekend on a high and to celebrate we decided to go out as a Troop and enjoy ourselves. I wasn’t the only one who thought a few beers really hit the spot. The best part about the weekends off is being able to relax after the busy week and have laugh with the rest of the Troop over the previous week’s events.
The Troop nights out are great fun and it’s a good chance to get to know each other. I feel I am making more good mates as the week’s progress and everyone is doing well and pulling together as a team.
I am really enjoying my time at CTCRM, especially when I notice the improvements I have made, both physically and mentally. I have reached new levels of fitness and motivation and discovered a new ability to push my self past my limits.
I am however looking forward to the 3 weeks Summer Holiday coming up during which I will get to go home.


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