205 Troop Week 11

205 Tp Diary – Week 11
Going into the eleventh week of training the troop were looking forward to spending the week at straight point range.

Monday – The day started off with the troop drawing their weapons from the armoury. Once that was complete we made our way to straight point where we met the marksmans team. We had lectures on how to check your rifle before we started firing on the ranges and also on point of aim and point of impact. A lot of dry firing was involved before we actually went onto the range, where we then went to zero our weapons.

Tuesday – The troop were up at 0500am to do morning procedures and we’re fell in ready for a session with the PTI. During phys we were introduced to rope climbing with boots which the majority of the troop found difficult at first and also fireman’s carries. We then moved back onto the range where we found our points of aim at 200 and 300 metres.

Wednesday – The day started again with a phys session at 0700am where we had a circuit set up, we then finished with a 15 minutes of stretching. During the day we did a lot of dry firing, practising different firing positions at 100m, 200m and 300m. We then moved onto the range to apply these positions we had learnt. The marksmans team were there to offer help and improve our positions and firing which me and the majority of the troop found helpful.

Thursday – The troop were up and ready for a phys session which would be our first speed march carrying webbing and a rifle which was roughly three miles, most of troop were comfortable with the run. We then had a run through of the annual combat marksmanship test before actually moving onto the test. A lot of the troop completed the test first time some of them receiving the marksman badge. For those that didn’t pass they had to retake the test and were then successful. With the tests finishing we had the rest of the day to relax until 2200 where we then took part in a shoot with limited visibility which we found difficult.

Friday – We were up and ready doing our normal morning procedures and fell in for our last phys session of the week. We were met by the corporal who set us up a circuit which would last 30 minutes and involved press ups, pull ups, sit ups and sprint. On completion to that the troop cleaned the accommodation packed our kit and made our way back to camp where we then had to clean our weapons ready for an inspection.


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