209 Troop Week 3

209 Tp diary
Week 3

Week 3 kicked off with a change of accommodation from foundation to B block. As nice as foundation block is, a change of scenery was appreciated. We were welcomed into our new accommodation with rounds conducted by our training team plus 2 members of the DL’s (drill leader) branch. These rounds did not go as well as hoped and some remedial training was duly given. This was followed immediately by a lecture from the mountain leaders, who delivered clearly how we were to dress in the field. They focused especially on how to protect ourselves from both hot and cold weather injuries. I have no doubt that this will stand us in good stead in weeks to come.

On Tuesday after a morning of lectures and a swim we had a double gym session in the afternoon. Here we learnt the “beam routine” for the first time. Once we had completed this teach we went straight into a standard IMF session to put into practice what we had been taught. All the lads gave it their all, but one of us unfortunately succumbed to exhaustion and ended up in sick bay as a result. Happily he returned to training 2 days later.

Near the end of the week the troop was beginning to feel the effects of a non stop few days. As a result of this we began to let a few things slip and our appearance was not up to the high standards expected by the training team. We received a rather stern talking to about standards and bearing within the Royal Marines, this left us in no doubt about how we were to conduct ourselves in the future. We bucked up our ideas and started to gel together to ensure we didn’t let the team down again.

The week ended on Saturday morning with a session of drill and another double session of IMF in the gym. This turned out to be a rather unusual session, with the first drill performing 20 press ups in front of us! Another top effort from 209 Tp in the gym and the week drew to a close with high morale………and another dip in the tank!


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