198 Troop Week 28


Week 28 began with learning a new weapon system, the underslung grenade launcher (UGL). This is an attachment for the SA80 rifle which fires a grenade up to 400 metres. We all passed our weapons handling test in preparation for using it on field firing next week. On Tuesday we had a day of lectures, including topics such as the SBS and which Commando Units we could be joining. This helped us to make our decision as to where we want to go in a few weeks time, providing we remain injury free!

Wednesday morning began with an early breakfast ready for our first Endurance Course timed run through in preparation for one of the four Commando Tests. After walking the 4 miles to the start point where we were broken down into syndicates of 3 and given 73 minutes to complete the 2 mile course of tunnels and the 4 mile run back to camp, wearing 21 lbs of kit and a rifle. We then had to shoot 6 out of 10 shots on target at 25 metres to prove we were still fit to fight following the physical exertions of the test.

Thursday and Friday both started with the Tarzan Assault Course, another of the Commando Tests involving up to 13 minutes of pain as you navigate a high ropes obstacle course and a lap of the bottom field assault course. On Thursday evening we had our rite of passage as RM Recruits, the infamous mud run. This was 40 mins of extra phys out on the mud, with some telegraph poles thrown in for a bit of extra benefit. As hard as it was, it served as a good bonding session for the Troop to get us through the final few weeks of training.

The weekend was spent preparing our kit for field firing, on completion of which we begin our Commando Tests. The light at the end of the tunnel is truly in sight now.


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