198 Troop Week 26 & 27


On the 22 Jun 15, Week 26 of training began for 198 Troop with the 6 mile speed march, on completion of which the Commando phase of training is entered and you earn the right to wear the Cap Comforter, worn by all Commandos since the Second World War.

The following day was spent doing Vertical Assault training with the Mountain Leaders (MLs) at Foggin Tor on Dartmoor. This consisted of climbing cliffs, abseiling, being hauled up a cliff and practicing a river crossing. The day was enjoyable and made a nice change from the routine of training however any activity with the MLs is never too relaxed! The next day we were acquainted with the Tarzan Assault Course and shown how to overcome the various obstacles in the correct manner, some members of the Troop dealt with this better than others.

Finally, the day we had all been waiting for was upon us, it was time to deploy on the final exercise of Recruit training, Exercise FINAL THRUST. The next few days have all blurred in my memory, consisting of yomps of various lengths across Dartmoor, recce patrols, observation post, ambushes and deliberate actions.

At this point many members of the Troop felt we had been told to bring our sleeping bags as a joke by the training team as we had very limited opportunity to use them during the first 3 days of the exercise. Following the Dartmoor phase, we redeployed on ship for the amphibious phase in and around Plymouth. The change of pace plus a roof over our heads was most welcome at this point and before we knew it the final attack was upon us. This was on an abandoned fort just outside of Plymouth and proved to be an interesting and complicated objective. However, the Troop worked well and the attack was a success, the Kernish Armed Forces and General Dossin who we have been battling throughout training have finally been defeated.

The light at the end of the tunnel is definitely in sight now, we have some run-throughs next week, two weeks live field firing before undertaking the famous Commando Tests and passing out of Lympstone Commando Training Centre.


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