205 Troop Week 5-8

205 Tp Diary – Week 5

Monday 1st: 4 mile run in the morning with the troop which was pretty easy as I prefer doing the long distance stuff to the short quick burst stuff. Ex quick cover; After that came back ready to deploy into the field sorting out bergens out and yomped to Woodbury common with day sacks.
Tuesday 2nd: Kit muster first thing in the morning which I got flanked on as I was late putting my beret on, gutted! Then had some remedial training. We learnt about camouflage and concealment in the field, cammed our faces to the environment and our utility pouches/ helmets. Then usual night routine centuries/ wet dry routine.
Wednesday 3rd: Another kit inspection and got flanked again due to part of my weapon having rust on. Had some more remedial training. We did RTR return fire, take cover, return accurate fire with blank rounds which was pretty cool. We also did judging distance for certain objects. Yomped back to camp and cleaned weapons/ deserviced kit which lasted all night.
Thursday 4th: gym and swimming in the morning went through families routine ready for families day. It was clear the Troop was having a bad week and that our performance was well below the required standard.
Friday 5th: families day, family came down to watch us perform in drill and our normal phys session, they were impressed by how much we’ve changed and the daily lifestyle and how much we’ve learnt, then went on to weekend where we went home to see my family and friends to return back on Sunday!

205 Tp Diary – Week 6

First week back after families day and the long weekend break. With homesickness setting in after having spent the weekend with our families and friends it was a busy week filled with lectures and our first live shoot on the ranges.
Monday 8 June: The day kicked off with and IMF session in the gym, the remnants of the weekends eating being worked off; it was a good hard session with the troop putting in the effort. Our next period was in the classroom with Cpl Brown giving us a lecture on the uses of the Small Arms Collimator and in particular how to bore sight a rifle with it (something that we did later in the week when we went to the ranges). After the period had ended, the troop was sent to the med centre to have injections to see if they needed a bcg or not. The next two periods were allocated to the medical staff to begin to teach us the basics of first aid in the field. The last period of the day was in the JPA suite where we got issued our JPA logins.
Tuesday 09 June: We were left pretty much to our on devices in the morning, cracking on with any admin we had to do until our first period of the day which was thinking strategies. This was followed by a double-whammy of first aid lectures which consisted of a recap at the start and various practical scenarios aimed at teaching the troop how to deal with a triage situation. The remainder of the day was split into four periods of map reading with Cpl Brown. The first period was an introduction into map reading and we folded our maps. We learned grid references and conventional signs in the second period. In the third we learned about different contour shapes on a map and what they meant. In the final period of the day after we had dinner we learned about shape of the ground and how to measure the distance between two points on a map.
Wednesday 10 June: First order of the day was a 5 mile run which was completed without any major concerns. On completion of the run we were in the church for two lectures on Commando Spirit which involved the troop, after being split into sections, acting out mini plays on a chosen commando spirit. Those who required bcgs were sent to the med centre to get them, we also got our Hep A and Hep B vaccinations as well and those who are part of the Vitamin D testing got their second round of bloods taken. After everyone had gotten their vaccinations we had a lecture on small arms maintenance, in particular how to spot faults in our own personal rifles and how to take better care of our rifles. After that lecture we had another thinking strategies lecture and that signalled the end of the day as the last two lectures were cancelled at short notice.
Thursday 11 June: Thursday was a big day for the troop, it was our first day on the ranges firing live ammunition out of our rifles. The day consisted of various teaches on firing positions, which were followed by live shoots. We were up at the ranges for most of the day and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. After a long day at the ranges we returned to CTCRM, cleaned our weapons and returned them to the Portsmouth Company armoury overnight.
Friday 12 June: We drew our weapons first thing in the morning for a weapon inspection which highlighted some pick up points with regards carbon on the gas parts and under the hand guard, we were then taught how to clean the carbon off of the hard to get to parts so hopefully it can be rectified for the next inspection. On completion of the weapons inspection we had a lecture on romers and their uses, how to use the protractor and lightweight compass when measuring distance between two points on a map – in preparation for exercise Marshall a Star next week. We then had a session in the gym where we learned two new introductory exercises and did a bit of main group exercises. We then had another map reading lecture which covered bearings. After the lecture we then had a tough swim period as we owed the PTI time for being adrift for one of his periods. The final periods of the day were spent consolidating what we had done in previous map reading periods and doing more work on measuring distance, with the lightweight compass, paper method and the ruler method.
Saturday 13 June: The one and only period of the day was in the gym where the troop did a “climb until you die” circuit. The vast majority of the troop managed to complete 8 good quality full climbs. After we had left the gym we gave the accommodation another clean and were thinned out to go ashore for the items that we needed for going into the field tomorrow. We also made a start on packing our day sacks and bergens for the field and if not started already, we’re putting the finishing touches on our head and shoulders.
Sunday 14 June: Sunday was a fairly easy going day, we had rounds in the morning and then were left to put on devices to crack on with our admin prior to deploying to the field on Monday.
A fairly easy going week leading up to Exercise Marshall Star, something that I am personally looking forward to.

205 Tp Diary – Week 7

We started the week with IMF, it was a good session so we went for scran and got ready for Ex marshal star. The yomp up was hard as always but most the lads just cracked on but the odd 1 or 2 got left behind because they could not keep up with the pace.
When we arrived at Woodbury we all got some scran and then had a few lectures on stalking and night vision. We set up a harbour position stood to for an hour, then I went on sentry. This was the first night in the field I didn’t get wet then had about 1 hour 20 minuets sleep. We woke up at 05:50, this was late because our section sentry forgot to wake me and my oppo up because we were the furthest poncho away, so we had a mad rush in the morning. All my kit was laid out for the muster but I got picked up for some rust on my rilfe, so on the flank I went.
Back to this day we had a few ‘cam and con’ lessons and we then continued to practice navigation. I picked this up quite quickly and so did one of my mates. We then had a bit of phys, cooked some rations and that night did the night navigation. I was the 4th group to leave and the 2nd to come back, I was a little worried my oppos had gone missing but 49 minuets later they all turned up and then straight into sentry.
The following day I failed the kit muster, but completed the yomp back. As soon as we got back to camp I had a well needed shower. We then went straight into the Battle Swim Test. We had trained a lot for this so I was very confident, it wasn’t too hard, in fact the warm up of the session was refreshing and when it came to the BST I passed and the rest of the week was reasonably chilled because we had a good week on exercise.

205 Tp Diary – Week 8

On completion of exercise Marshall Star and week 7 we progressed onto week 8. Our first detail was Monday morning at 7:55 for drill where we were inspected in our immaculate drill rig. After this we practiced arms drill and Turnings in quick and slow time as a recap. At 11:55 we then had a 4 mile run through country lanes and then back to camp. Everyone completed this not a single person dropped behind. Later that day we had map reading which I picked up quite quickly and after that we had IMF.
On Tuesday morning we did 1 hour and 45 minuets of RMCC which was taken by a U.S. Marine combat instructor, we performed take downs and choke holds. We had some first aid lectures and then prep for week 9.
Wednesday morning we had OC’s inspection which we stayed up til midnight to get every single item of kit immaculate. After this he said it was one of the best inspections he’d ever seen. Our Sergeant let us use the washers so we were all happy. We did some phys and then we moved onto interval drill pass out, we also passed this so the troop morale was at a high
Thursday was hoofing, we met the mountain leaders and they thought us survival skills and how to make traps shelters and build fire pits and stoves. Everyone loved this, as it was the first time no one fell asleep, and we also got taught basic navigation which was really interesting.
Friday we had a Royal Marines history lesson, and after this the Royal Marines Fitness Assessment which was part of our week 9 gym pass out which everyone passed. Our next detail was to have static map reading but the fog worsened and the visibility was poor so we just went over map reading in the accommodation.
Saturday morning was our first arms drill and after that we moved onto some hypoxic swimming. Saturday’s are pretty chilled and because of our good performance we all went ashore at 13:00.


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