198 Troop Week 25


We left CTC on a Sunday evening to move to HMS Raleigh in preparation for Ex SEA SENSE, a week of amphibious training with the Royal Navy. There was a certain degree of excitement within the Troop as we were getting the chance to practice skills that in part make the Corps unique as amphibious troops.

After the usual early start on Monday morning we began the week with sea survival training. The morning involved lectures before the practical evolutions that afternoon. This involved donning a life jacket, jumping off a 3 metre board and getting onboard a life raft, we then moved on to having a casualty to deal with as well.

On Tuesday we moved onto fire fighting, again starting with a morning of lectures. The afternoon was more interesting as we ran through the practical demonstration of fire fighting, with simulated smoke and darkness and using a re-breather. Despite only being a simulation, the reality of operating in those conditions in a real fire on ship hit home for much of the Troop.

After doing 2 days of sea survival training, Wednesday saw a move back to soldiering skills with a day spent on the range conducting the introductory shoot with the Light Machine Gun (LMG). As a background activity we were also taught the NLAW, a hand held anti-armour weapon. On Thursday we moved to Jupiter point for a day with the Landing Craft (LC) branch, conducting drills with the Inshore Raiding Craft (IRC), Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) and the Lancing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP). We began the day getting wet conducting capsize drills on the IRC before moving via LCVP to practice cross decking and beach landings. We then had to wait for to get dark before repeating the practice. Racing down a river on a sunny day in June is not a bad way to spend the afternoon, and was one of the smaller highlights so far in training.

On Friday we visited a health club and spa for the chance to relax for a few hours. Some of the Troop made use of the state of the art gym, some went to the Spa and some just spent a few hours whacking golf balls down the driving range, with varying degrees of success. All in all a good week, the Troop now look forward to undertaking the Commando Course and eventually earning the coveted Green Beret.


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