205 Troop Week 4

205 Tp Diary – Week 4

Monday 5th
On Monday morning we were all up at 5 am ready for inspection a 7. After the locker inspection we then went down to the armoury to sign our rifles out and went down the stances to continue with some weapon drills like function tests and stoppage drills. From there we went swimming where we did a practise Battle Swim Test. After this we had a couple of lectures then went back to the accom for administration time.

Tuesday 26th
Tuesday morning we had a lecture on personal hygiene, we then came back to the grots to get our weapons, webbing and daysack, then did a 4 mile yomp to the exercise first step on Woodbury. Here we learnt about cleaning ourselves in the field cooking and other tactical skills, then we did staggered sentries though the night.

Wednesday 27th
We were still in the field and early morning meant
for us to do our morning routine with a kit muster and cleaning of a rifle with a field layout. We then yomped back to camp with full bergan before spending the night de-servicing our kit and rifle.

Thursday 28th
We drew our weapons out first in the morning, then we were in the stances doing more weapons training loading unloading etc. Then we had  IMF which was rope climbing with sprints and circuits it’s very hard work but worth it.

Friday 29th
We had gym first thing, which was the same sort of thing IMF, rope climbing camp circuit etc. After that we went down the weapon stances where we did the pass or fail weapons handling test. In this we had to run through all the basic drills, checking everything we have learnt so far, which went well I think most of us passed. 


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