205 Troop Week 1-3205

205 Tp Diary – Week 1 and 2

The first two weeks of Royal Marine Commando Training have been tough. Most of the lads arrived at Exeter St David’s train station and got on the train to Lympstone around half past one on the first day. We arrived at 2 and were met by one of the Instructors who led us into camp.

He showed us around are accommodation and showed us some basic things such as how to shower and shave properly and how to make a military bed. We had mostly lectures during the second day and were shown around camp and were explained to where everything was, we then did a few gym tests from the PRMC to see our levels of fitness. 

Kit was issued to us and we where shown how to iron and fold it and were to place it in our lockers we also did a 3 mile run, 1.5 miles as a troop 1.5 as fast as possible.  The pace had picked up by the end of the first week on the amount of time we had to do stuff and most people started to struggle, we were counting down the days till we moved into our proper accommodation.

By the end of the week we’d had our first proper locker inspection, it’s was an inspection to give us tips ready for the main one on Saturday. The week had flown by and the lads were getting through it by having a laugh and keeping each other up beat. The rest of foundation was a quick pace, and in this time we were introduced to rifle lessons, and had an introduction in living out in the field for one night. Morale was on the up because it was the end of these two weeks and we had left foundation block.

205 Tp Diary – Week 3

We’ve been in the new accommodation and we’re starting to bond as a Troop. Our training team seem reasonable relaxed at the moment, as they have given us just about enough time to get our lockers squared away, but it’s still a rush and a panic to get things done.

We’ve been having more locker inspections and we’re slowly starting to reach the standard. We’ve been having history lessons on the Royal Marines which everyone is really enjoying. Another aspect of training that we’ve really been enjoying is the close combat training sessions that we’re having in the gym with the PTI.

There was no rest over the weekend, and Saturday morning we had drill in the morning. The troop is starting to get the hang of the more complex movements now and when you see all the lads in front of you doing exactly the same thing as you it looks pretty cool so all the lads enjoyed that. We then had to quickly move into the gym for another IMF session with the PTI. We’re all looking forward to next week when we deploy on exercise for one night.


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