193 Troop Week 29

Week 29

On Monday of week 29 we began our day with loading stores and equipment for the evolution of the week which would be field firing at Willsworthy camp. We arrived at the camp at 11:00 and started to unload all our equipment and get settled in.

After getting a briefing about the following days evolution we got in our section teams and practiced dry firing maneuvers so that we would refresh our memory and be ready to start some individual firing with live ammunition the next day. Once we finished with our practice we were shown where we would stay for the rest of the week and introduced to the chef of the camp who provided us with some amazing scran throughout the week.

On Tuesday we started our day with getting transport to the shooting range and upon arriving there we started doing all the necessary preparations for the days evolution. We received a safety briefing from our sergeant and then under the supervision of our training team got split into pairs to do our individual firing manoeuvres. It was a demanding task as the ground was quite rough and full of rough ground as it always is on Dartmoor, that made it more realistic for us and made us realise how important it is to keep situational awareness and muzzle clearance.

As each pair finished its individual maneuvers we got feedback on how we did and what we need to do to improve in our individual drills. On completion of the days firing we returned to the camp where the troop sergeant gave us a briefing on how we had performed and the pick up points that we would need to concentrate on and rectify in the following days. Once we finished the rest of the night was ours to rest and practice for the next day.

On Wednesday morning we moved to the shooting range where the rest of the troop that didn’t get a chance to do their individual manoeuvres on Tuesday completed them first in the morning. Once everybody finished their individual manoeuvres we got a briefing from our training team and got advice on the next evolution which would be fire teams.

Fire team manoeuvres required us to be very loud so that communication would be good and clear while conducting our individual drills safely at the same time and maintaining a good situation awareness.  Upon completing the days firing shoot we headed back to the camp where we got a briefing from our sergeant on how we had performed and what pick up points would need to be rectified in the following days. Overall we were told that the sergeant was happy on how the troop was performing and that we need to keep up with the good standard. Once the briefing finished the rest of the day was ours to rest and prepare for the next day.

Thursday was a busy day for us, we began the day as always going up to the firing range and conducting the required admin for the days evolution. On completion of that we received as always a safety brief from our sergeant and then got split into our sections teams to get ready for section attacks. Once each section team finished their firing manoeuvres, then received a brief from the training team on how we performed and on what points we need to concentrate on and rectify.

Once each section had finished we moved location so that we could practice at firing the UGL (underslung grenade launcher) which was very exiting for all of us as it’s a new weapon system that is quite unique and was used with great effect in Afghanistan. After everybody had finished practicing with the UGL we left for the camp where we conducted the required admin for the next evolution which would be a night shoot using the NVG (night vision goggles) and LLM (laser light modules).

As it got dark the troop got transport to the firing range and upon arrival we got a safety brief from the troop sergeant. We then split into firing teams of four individuals and under the supervision of the training team conducted the night shoot which was an amazing experience. Everybody was very grateful that the troop sergeant gave us this opportunity as it is something that a lot of troops don’t get to do in training. Upon completion of the night shoot we moved back to the camp where we got a brief on how the night shoot went and received our orders for the next morning.

On Friday morning we did the necessary admin so that we would leave the camp clean and loaded all our equipment in our transport. We then moved back to CTCRM where we returned all the necessary equipment to the stores and conducted all our personal admin. Upon finishing the rest of the weekend was ours.

We look forward for the next week of field firing so that we can practice all that we have learned and advance to troop level attacks and more advanced tactics.


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