193 Troop Week 28

193 Troop dairy Week 28

Week 28 otherwise known as “cheeky week” started off with the learning of a new weapon system called the UGL (underslung grenade launcher). Another essential piece of equipment utilised by the Royal Marines to help conduct a multitude of tasks whilst on operations or field exercises. This was incredibly pertinent as in weeks 29 and 30 will be be using this weapon system on the ranges during section and troop attacks. We also had numerous lectures about the commando units which in the near future we could be drafted. Learning about 40, 42, 43 and 45 commando and a very interesting lecture on the SBS. Overall a nice relaxing start to the week as we know it would turn into a tough lung bursting week with rehearsals of the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course Tests ahead.

Early Wednesday morning we had our first timed, practice run though of the infamous endurance course. One of the commando test we would have to complete on week 31 to gain our long awaited green berets. It begins with a troop March up to Woodbury common approximately 4 miles away to the start line. There we were allocated our 3 or 4 man syndicates and set off in 3 minutes intervals. The test itself starts with a 2 mile cross country track which goes through different obstacles such as streams, the sheep dip and very narrow tunnels that are pitch black and require you to crawl though on your belt buckle. Followed by the challenging 4 mile run back to ctc. On completion our troop PTI gave us our times and was pleased to announce we had a very high pass rate with only one failure. And even still he failed by 1 minute and had no concern that he could improve his time on our next run through and complete the endurance course in the 73 minute time limit.

Focus switched to the Tarzan Assault Course for Thursday and Friday, another extremely challenging commando test. Having previously had a lesson on the high obs the troop went straight into a clean fatigue run through to go over the techniques used for the ropes and change overs which came in handy as we then lined up in order and set off on our first timed practice of the whole course. Our times came in and again our PTI was pleased as only 2 people just failed by a few seconds – these were rectified on the Friday with a 100% pass rate.

By Saturday the majority of the troop were sore and fatigued and weren’t looking forward to a 6 o’clock endurance course start. Regardless we again set off in our syndicates to face the endurance course, only this time on arrival at ctc we went straight onto the 25m range to complete a criteria shoot which we would have to do on test day; requiring us to land 6 out of 10 shots on target. We once again preformed well and pleased our training team with everyone completing the endurance course in time, unfortunately due to knocking his SUSAT out of zero on the course one recruit failed the shoot.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday was spent, resting, eating and preparing for the following week of live field firing.

In summary the troop had a successful few days on camp and despite the week’s physical intensity it was thoroughly enjoyed by all in 193 troop. Bring on week 29.


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