193 Troop Week 26-27

Troop Diary (Week 26-27)

The troop started the week returning from a 2 week break at home for Easter leave with a 4 mile run followed by a BFT, this was instead of a 6 mile speed march that we had previously completed before Easter leave. This enabled the troop to move forward into the Commando phase of training and earn the right to wear the cap comforter; something that holds a lot of history.

On the Tuesday it was 193’s turn to take on Foggin Tor; a day with the mountain leader branch in Dartmoor involving learning the techniques of cliff assaults and river crossings. We arrived early and was met by one of the mountain leaders, who lead us on a 1 mile Bergan run to the tor and then cracked on with some harness fittings and a cheeky warm up. The ML’s timed this and overlooked to ensure we were paying attention on the previous days lecture. We then moved on with the days evolutions involving rock climbing, abseiling, ladder climbing and other activities involving the lungathon (a sprint round the tor as a section, an abseil and a rock climb) with the losing section’s forfeit being a second river crossing and doing everyone’s dhobi. The troop performed well throughout the day and avoided any extra physical activity. After a long day in Dartmoor 193 returned to camp to de-service their kit and get their heads down for the Tarzan acquaint the following day.

Wednesday involved run through of the Tarzan assault course, we were shown in slow time by the PTI’s how to navigate the high ropes course and the correct techniques for the changeovers for each different obstacle. After a couple of examples it was now 193’s turn to give it a crack, at first we had to go through the cycle in clean fatigue and we were given pointers as we went through the course. Once we had completed one cycle we completed it a second time with 21 lbs and a rifle, it was noticeable that it was going to be a tough test to crack come the test day. The rest of the day was used to complete stores in preparation for Final thrust, 193 troop’s last exercise.

Thursday was the Day 193 was going to deploy for final thrust, we received orders from the troop commander and prepared our kit before deploying by coach to North Devon where we would begin the exercise. We had and insertion yomp to a local tor, before setting up a harbour position and establishing different teams to go out on recce patrols. Friday followed with another yomp south of our position to construct another harbour in the area of known enemy, which were given in orders the previous night; the yomps we completed in the day which gave us the nice weather.

193 Week 27 Troop Diary.

‘Final Ex’. A week most anticipated by recruits that on completion would deem you to be ready for operational duty within the Corps. Pressure on.

The exercise started Thursday with a transit from Lympstone to Oakhampton camp from which we yomped a small distance to our first harbor position on a near by tor. Harbor routine was conducted as well as recce patrols for a deliberate attack on the enemy situated on another tor a few kilometers away. The attack was on the Friday and was a success. All enemies were eliminated.

We then yomped to our next harbor location where again we conducted recces for another deliberate attack on a small farm complex. The recces were a success being able to gain Intel on routes in and out and also watching and observing enemy movements. This gave the troop a lot to work on for when it came to ‘H’ hour and the attack was on.

Our next objectives were to ambush a moving party of enemies transiting through a field with surrounding trees. Again, it was a great success although in the back of our minds we knew what else the day entailed. ‘Killer Yomp’. The yomp as expected was long and hard and the weather (although it was warm) hindered your performance and made the troop weary and fatigued. Never the less the entire troop made it to the scout hut. More recces and OP’s (Observation Posts) were conducted for an attack on a near by woodblock around the other side of Gutter Tor. The attack was fast paced and the adrenaline was pumping.

From the woodblock we then had a transit to Stone house Barracks in Plymouth where we had another transit from the LC’s to our next location, HMS Brecon. The ship was a favorable part of the exercise being able to be inside and have hot wets on tap, ‘hoofin’. Orders were given on the ship for our cliff assault and we set off for the assault at first light. We arrived at the side of the cliff from where we climbed and lined up ready for H hour. The assault was fast and was conducted well and that was with some alteration to the route in. From there we abseiled down the same cliff face and transited to our final harbor location.

Our final harbor location was in wooded area with surrounding roads in the distance and estuaries, we were hidden away nicely. Recce patrols and OP’s were conducted on our final objective, which was a fort. The fort itself was a huge structure with large walls and deep moats and not to mention the pitch black tunnels and rooms. The final attack was to be conducted in the courtyard at the very top of the fort where the enemy occupied. The attack was a great success and all enemy were eliminated by 193 troops fire and maneuver drills and CQB techniques.

A memorable and successful final ex.


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