203 Troop Week 3

Week 3 203 Diary

Monday 23th March

First detail – first inspection of new block

Early rise to clean the accommodation and sort lockers and bedding. Few pick up points taken but feed back seemed to be ok.

Second detail – Corps history lesson

This was are first history lesson covering the first 100 years of the Corps from 1664-1764.

Third detail – swim session

This started on a poor note as a Recruit had entered into the Physical Training staffroom on the previous day. The Instructor was very clear to the Troop about how important it was that under no circumstances were we to go into the PT staffroom .
At this point the Instructor told the Troop he would not forget this!!
BST (Battle Swimming Test) circuits was the session for today in the pool. The Troop performed well and Instructor was pleased with the effort put in.

Forth detail – PT session

This session consisted of a rope climb re teach and practice. Then onto the beam re teach and run through.
After this, the session picked up tempo as we got into a full IMF (Initial Military Fitness) session.
Again we received good feed back from the Instructor, with just a few points that we as a Troop need to work on.
Then came the news we were waiting on! The repercussions for going into the PT staffroom. At this point the Instructor marched the Troop to the infamous TANK. For anyone that doesn’t know what the tank is it’s a large tank (funny enough) filled with ice cold water under the regain ropes.
After a few choice works from Instructor ,he informed us he had to go into the tank because we entered the PT staff room. We were told that it was voluntary for us to go in with him. Of course we as a Troop were not going to stand by and let the Instructor go in on his own. One in all in. After we had formed up inside the tank, a few choice words were had from the Instructor informing us yet again not to enter the PT staff room under any circumstances.

Tuesday 24th March

First detail – Drill inspection

The Troop lined up for inspection with the Instructor and three other instructors. It was not a successful inspection with over half the Troop being placed on the flank (a group of individual who have not made the standard and require remedial training). Drill itself involved slow marching, slow marking time and change steps. It looked like a scene from happy feet. But with all that being said the feed back from the session was very positive. Once drill was completed we were then moved onto a lecture given by the military police. With in the lecture they covered what their role was within CTC and how they can support us as recruits. After the lecture a quick turnaround into a double PT session. Today we focused predominately on our ropes climbing ability. How Tarzan makes that look s easy I do not know. Again good feedback from the Instructor and 203 Troop is heading in the right direction. After all that swinging on the ropes we went for a swim to loosen our arms off. We were required to wear combats in preparation for the build up to our Battle Swim Test (BST). The majority of the Troop found this difficult, however we were still confident that we were moving in the right direction.

Later that evening, after our evening meal we were shown how to layout a field kit muster by one of the training team Cpl’s and other members of the training team. Once the kit muster was put to rest we were then given a brief on the level of cleanliness that is required for the accommodation for inspections. We knew at this point we were in for a long night.

Wednesday 25th March

We started the day with rounds of the accommodation which resulted in a vast improvement from the previous night, but still with areas to improve on. We then had a lecture by the CAT team on memory techniques that aid us with retaining information. Once that was completed we then moved onto the gym with the PT Instructor for some RMCC (Royal Marines Close Combat). On completion we then moved onto a swim.

We spent the rest of the afternoon continuing with weapons training. It was a long afternoon, but time well spent making sure our techniques and safety precautions with the SA80 A2 are heading in the right direction for the weapons handling test in week 5.

Thursday 26th March

The morning was spent on the parade square with the drill Instructor revising and practising what we have done this week. Who knew marching could be so difficult. After drill straight we went straight to the gym. This was our last session before Easter leave and 1 hr 45 mins felt like a life time. Then in the afternoon back down the weapons stances for more weapons training trying to keep everything fresh in our heads before Easter leave.


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