193 Troop Week 25

Week 25

This week we left Lympstone on the Sunday to go to HMS Raleigh to spend the next couple of days getting taught by Royal Navy personnel about fire safety and sea survival.
The Monday started with fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire and if the first one on the scene how to try and prevent it from spreading this was spent with a morning of lectures followed by some practical on using fire extinguishers and fire hoses.
Tuesday was our sea survival day with lectures in the morning and practical in the afternoon in the swimming pool learning about how to get in and out of the life raft which even in the pool isn’t the simplest of task with a survival suit and an inflated life jacket.
In the evenings we had more spare time than we usually have on camp which was a pleasant surprise where we spent our time getting our kit ready for the next day and also the training team was able to set up a couple of volleyball and badminton courts to play on.
Wednesday was spent with Royal Marines Landing Craft Branch where we were taught the capsize drills, changing from one boat to another and beach assaults in various types of boats (LCVP, Offshore Raiding Craft and Inflatable Raiding Craft).
The capsize drills were interesting at this time of year as the water temperature is the coldest in March but this didn’t stop the troop enjoying themselves watching each recruit jump in and try and say their name and number without sounding as if they weren’t about to cry – this was until it came to their turn to take a dip.
The beach assaults were the highlight of the week as most of the recruits enjoyed this thoroughly; jumping out of boats and crawling up the beach tactically. The learning of this was done during the day and then we had to do it again at night having put together everything that we had learnt into practice. The night assaults went well, the LC instructors told us we had learnt well and quickly and that the raids on the beach had been good.
Upon completing the attack, there was a quick transition out of wet clothes into and back onto the bus heading towards Lympstone.
The rest of the week will be spent making sure everything is ready for heading off for Easter and hearing about what each recruit will be doing over the 2 week period off. Looking forward to our final exercise on return from leave.


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